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Kalyani Samantray


  • MA (English), Utkal University 
  • MA TESOL and Applied Linguistics, University of London 
  • PG Diploma in Teaching English, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
  • MPhil, Phonetics & Linguistics, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
  • PhD in Phonology, Utkal University, India

What subject you teach at SSU ?

English literature, Linguistics, Morphology


  • TCTP (Full scholarship of the British Government to study MA (Applied linguistics & TESOL), University of London, UK
  • Ray Tongue Award for best research paper, IATEFL International Conference, Cardiff, UK
  • Teaching grants to teach EFL in Portugal and Singapore


Life Member: IATEFL, UK; TESOL, USA; ELTAI, India; ELTIF, India; EFLU Alumni Association

Other Accomplishments

Book chapters

  •  Nursery rhymes for cognitive development: From listening comprehension to maths skills (2015), in Early Childhood Education in English for Speakers of Other Languages. OUP, UK, 2015 
  • Grammar for Fluency and/or Accuracy: Is there a choice in ELL? (2013), Dimensions of Linguistics and Language Teaching for New Millennium Learners. McGraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd, India 
  • Incorporating Learning Strategies into YL ESL Curriculum (2012), In Starting, Stimulating and Sustaining English Language Teacher Education. British Council, UK


  • Published 33 textbooks with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Orient Blackswan 
  • Co-Author of Oxford English-English-Odia Dictionary (to be launched)

Research Articles: International publications iii. Research Papers published in international journals

  • Narrative Intelligence and Pedagogical Success of ESL Teachers, (2015 Paper Proceedings) Second International Conference on Language, Literature & Community – ISBN 978-955-4543-26-3.
  • Striving for Fluency through Accuracy- A Blend of Choices (2014), Asia TEFL Journal, February 2014.
  • Technology Use in ESL and Professional Development of Teachers (2014) January 2014 
  • Need for instruction in persuasive communication for business management students: A study in the Indian context (2012). Asian Journal of Management Research, Volume 2 Issue 2. ISSN 2229 – 3795 
  • Comics as Frames of references (2011), Selections, IATEFL, Garnet Publication: UK 
  • Multiple Intelligences & ESL Teaching (2009). In Young Learner English Language Policy & Implementation; IATEFL Young Learner SIG, Kent, UK. 
  • Teaching Speaking (2009) and Yemen Times 
  • Teaching listening for better communication (July 2007). Yemen Times, Yemen Times
  • Designing a communicative syllabus for the tertiary level (August 2007). Yemen Times, Yemen 
  • Teaching English Pronunciation (Part 1) (12 Dec 2005). Yemen Times, Yemen.
  • Teaching English Pronunciation (Part 2) (26 Dec 2005). Yemen Times, Yemen.
  • Being a teacher educator (1999). IATEFL Journal, issue no. 39, UK

Research papers and other materials published in Indian peer reviewed journals 

  • Literature as Resource: A Functional ELL Pedagogy (2017). Journal of English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum, International Conference Special Issue. ELTIF: Kerala
  • Cross-cultural and Intercultural Pragmatics (2015). e-Pathshala materials for Postgraduate students, University Grants Commission, Government of India
  • Vocabulary: Getting Meaning from Context (2015). Journal of Odisha Board of Secondary Education, Diamond Jubilee Special Edition. Government of Odisha.
  • Foreword, Teaching of English: Research and Applications (2015). PUDU Books: Puduchery.
  •  Post-CLT attitudes towards the functions and the teaching of grammar (2013) Languaging, EFL University, Hyderabad
  • Teacher Professional Development Requirements in the 21st Century (2013), ELTIF Journal, Puduchery 
  • Learning Styles and Learning Tools (2013), Special Edition, SBW College Centenary Publication
  • Phonological awareness & learning of spelling in ESL (2009). The Journal of English & Foreign Languages, English & Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
  • Alternative Assessment Techniques: A shift in perspectives and practice (2008). In The English Classroom, RIESI, Bangalore 
  • Comics & ESL literacy (2007). The Journal of English Language Teaching, Chennai
  • Discourse features of comics as texts (2006). Focus on ELT, vol. 26, no.2. Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh
  • Writing Workshop (2006). Proceedings of UGC Seminar-Workshop, Dept of English, Prananath Autonomous College, Khurda, Odisha
  • Using short answers to write long answers (2005). ELTI Newsletter, vol.5, no. 1
  • Writing short & long answers to examination questions (2004). ELTI Newsletter, vol.4, no. 3. 
  • Words: Do our learners know them? (2004). ELTI Newsletter, vol. 4, no.2 
  • Teachers & group-work in ELT classrooms: A study of teacher attitude (2000). In The Language Curriculum:
  • Dynamics of Change, Orient Longman 
  • Planning for the learner (2000). ELTI Newsletter, vol.2, nos. 1 & 2. • Use of dictionary as a better tool for pronunciation (2000). ELTI Newsletter, vol.3, 2.
  • Classroom management (1999). ELTI Newsletter, vol.2, nos. 1 & 2.
  • Language games: Listening & Speaking (1998). ELTI Newsletter, vol.1, no. 2. 
  • To read or not to read (aloud)? (1998). ELTINewsletter, vol.1, no. 1.
  • The language of children’s literature & its use for young learners (1995). The English Classroom, Regional Institute of English, Bangalore.
  • Group/Cooperative Learning: What could go wrong? (1995). The Journal of English Language Teaching, Chennai. vol. 41/3
  • Pair work – Some practical hints (1994). Selections on Language Education, ELT Movement, Bhubaneswar.
  • A few reflections on Practice Teaching (1993). The Pedagogue, ELTI, Bhubaneswar 
  • Some ways to expose vocabulary (1990). ELTI Working Papers 
  • Interaction in an ESL classroom: A case-study of conversation patterns (1989). ELTI Working Papers
  • Some observations on the phonological patterns of Oriya speakers’ English (1988). ELTI Working Papers.

Other research activities 

  • Article Editor, Sage Open, Sage Publication Inc, USA
  • Article Editor, Journal of Indian Education, and Indian Education Review. NCERT, New Delhi 
  • Coordinator, ELT e-Reading Group, Argentina.
  • Materials Producer & Materials Reviewer, Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Materials Producer & Materials Reviewer, Odisha State Open University, Odisha
  • Teacher Educator, Oxford University Press, India; UGC; Council for Higher secondary Education, & Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha; BPUT, Odisha; IGNOU; NCERT; and British Council 
  • Member, Board of Studies (English): CV Raman Institute of Engineering & Technology Life Member: IATEFL, UK; TESOL, USA; ELTAI, India; ELTIF, India; EFLU Alumni Association