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Breakthrough Leadership for Women


Women from 27 countries have already experienced incredible breakthroughs & successes after the Masterclass!

YOU can be ONE too!

Did you know?

  • Men Hold 62% of Manager positions to women’s 38% (and it gets worse higher up)
  • For every 100 men promoted to manager-level roles, only 79 women moved up into similar roles
  • In 2019, women made up 48% of entry-level employees, but only 38% of managers, 34% of senior managers or directors, 29% of VPs, 23% of SVPs, and just 22% of C-suite executives

Though many reasons impact women’s growth in their jobs or businesses, there are many areas we can improve ourselves to push through our frontiers of success. 

  • Did you know women are impacted by completely different internal barriers than men?
  • Would you like to know yours ?
  • Would you like to improve on them and see the changes you can make at your work or business?
  • Have you struggled to make your work seen & recognized at your workplace?
  • Have you felt stuck in life & struggled to break through?
  • Would you like to grow to the top of your professional career?
  • Do you want to infuse your life with inspiration & the strength to excel in life?

If you answered YES to the above, this Masterclass is for YOU!

Who can attend?

The Masterclass is open for all females: Students, Faculty members from schools, colleges, Universities, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and all those who aspire to break through the barriers and become leaders.

Course Duration:

Session Dates: March 10th, 16th and 23rd
8 hours spanned for 3 weeks (approx. 2 hours each weekend)

Registration Fee:

  • Registration fees for Internationals ($): 150
  • Registration fees for Indian Nationals (INR): 3500

Facilitated by:


Prof. (Dr.) Rajita Kulkarni

President, Sri Sri University

Trained over 100,000 people in last 3 decades & with over a million hours of training & development, Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni is a World Renowned Leadership Coach. She has trained and coached leaders from 50 countries. She is conferred with many of the following awards & Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni recognitions, like:

  • President, Sri Sri University
  • Top 100 Inspirational Women of India by the National Bar Association of India
  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award at Global Women’s Economic Forum
  • Future 50 High Impact Leader 2019 by Fortune Magazine
  • India’s Top 20 Women Leaders in Education 2020 by at the ASMA