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Mentoring and Counselling

The mentoring and counseling of the students is under the supervision of the Directorate of Student Affairs. During their course of study, students come across a variety of situations. At times, these result in hardships for them, often leading to stressful situations. 

It may be performance pressure, coping up with the studies and co-curricular, or personal issues.

Therefore counseling is very essential for their overall well-being. It not only helps them make decisions pertaining to their professional career, but it also makes them confident and mentally prepares them to handle peer pressure.

The Students Counseling System is available in the University for the effective management of problems and challenges faced by students in these areas.

It is a unique, interactive, and target-oriented system, involving students, teachers, and parents, meant to address common student concerns ranging from anxiety, stress, fear of change, and failure to homesickness and a slew of academic worries.

The teachers counsel a batch of 25 students and remain in close contact with the students allotted to them.

They cater to their emotional and intellectual needs and convey the progress report and feedback on attendance, examination results, and the overall progress to parents at regular interval.

‘Vivechana~ The Counselling Space’, a center for psychological well-being has a  full-fledged counseling facility for this purpose.

It carries out ‘psychometric assessments’, ‘career counseling’, and ‘psychotherapy’ by professionally qualified staff.