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Our Location

The sprawling 188 acres green campus on the banks of river Mahanadi provides just the right ambience to take up studies in the midst of nature. 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the on-campus serenity ensures the right atmosphere and requisite quiet for the students to deep dive into their favorite subject.


With 5 Ultra modern hostels on campus, most students prefer to stay on campus as this is not only economically viable but also saves them a lot of time and money, providing them more time to study, play, network and enjoy the on-campus events and activities.

Dining & Cafeteria's

The dining needs of the university are catered to by a ISO: 22000 certified kitchen which has a dining capacity for 1500 students.

The dining area ensures that it not only provides healthy and hygienic meals to the students thrice a day but also saves them the hassle of cooking and managing everyday household groceries. 

Additionally there are two cafeteria on campus which help the students cater to their snacking needs and hunger pangs all throughout the day.  

Cost of Living on Campus

As any university student would tell you, the cost of living on campus can’t just be calculated in terms of monetary value but also in terms of the time that one saves and the opportunity that the students get to bond, network and participate in campus activities.

At the end of the day the value that living on campus adds to one’s student life is unquestionable and probably that’s why most students prefer to stay on campus.

Advantages of Living on Campus

  • More Time  to bond, connect, network, play sport and socialize with friends.
  • Living with Nature on the banks of a river, it can’t get better really. 
  • Zero Commute Time, you are just walking distance away from everything you need.
  • Minimal housekeeping and cooking,  with on campus dining and housing facilities there is no need to worry about food and accommodation.
  • Sports Facilities like basketball, badminton and volleyball courts and more for the sports lovers.
  • Campus Facilities like on-campus hospital, cafeterias, automated laundry service and shopping store ensures that everything that you need is a stone’s throw away.
  • On-Campus Security ensures that you are always safe and stay protected . 



Moving within the Campus

While a lot of students prefer to walk on campus, quite a few also have bikes. The more environmentally friendly students prefer to traverse the campus on their bicycles which is another popular mode of moving around the campus.

Campus Facilities

The wide range of campus facilities makes on-campus living the preferred choice for students. 

From sports facilities to university clubs and on-campus events, everything becomes easily accessible even at odd hours if you are staying on campus.