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President, Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni speaks on the panel of Education & Skilling at the W20 Inception meeting 

BY           Directorate of                                Student Affaits
              Sri Sri University 


Our Hon’ble President Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni, recently attended the W20 Inception meeting held in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar (Aurangabad), Maharashtra. The meeting was organized to discuss various ways to improve the status and condition of women across the world during India’s G20 Presidency from February 27-28, 2023. The meeting primarily focused on five key issues that would help increase the participation of women in various fields, including education and skill development.


During the meeting, Session V focused on creating pathways for women through education and skilling. The session aimed to discuss various ways to empower women by providing them with the necessary education and skills required to succeed in various fields. Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni was among the exceptional women leaders of academia who participated in the meeting. She shared her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of education and discussed various ways to bridge the gender gap in education and skill development.


Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni has been working tirelessly to promote women’s education and empowerment, and her participation in the W20 Inception meeting further highlights her dedication and commitment towards the cause. Her valuable insights and contributions to the discussion would undoubtedly help in shaping policies and initiatives that promote women’s education and empowerment across the world. Her participation in the meeting has not only brought recognition to her work but has also highlighted the crucial role that women leaders in academia can play in shaping the future of education and skill development.