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Priya Tandon

Priya Tandon

Co-Founder & Chair of the IndUS Setu Global Foundation

Priya Tandon, a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder & Chair of the IndUS Setu Global  Foundation. Setu has successfully hosted and catalyzed nonpartisan dialog amongst global leaders  addressing political, economic, trade and commerce issues. 

Setu has been engaged for the past twenty-seven years in building bridges, between the oldest and the  largest democracies, USA and India, respectively, and their allies, Australia, Israel, Japan, UAE etc. to  catalyze entrepreneurial economy in, innovation, STEAM, energy, healthcare, with inclusion of women  and their empowerment, towards building a stronger global village, for all, especially for the  underprivileged. 

IndUS Setu Global Foundation recently launched its webinar series called “AtmaNirbharBharat’ in  association with the Indian Consulate in San Francisco to further the global cause of economic  partnership resulting in a win-win for both US and India. 

Priya collaborated with President Mikhail Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum. She participated in Senator Warren’s congressional delegation to India, focusing on healthcare  platform. She is on several boards. She is Special Advisor to Bay Area Council’s India Focus, prestigious  think tank in Bay Area, focusing on renewable energy, healthcare, infrastructure and empowering  women in leadership, technology, STEAM and entrepreneurship. She is on board of San Francisco Bangalore Sister City Initiative and co-sponsored its Silicon Valley- Delhi “Healthcare/IT  Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment” Mayoral delegation to India from San Francisco and co chaired its National Briefing. 

She is committed to entrepreneurship and women empowerment and has been a prolific speaker for  both. Amongst her many speaking engagements, she spoke at Karnataka Innovation Summit, was  delegate and speaker for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad, was speaker at GES  Turkey, both were hosted by the US State Department, she was moderator for the panel at Stanford  University on the topic of

“The Role Silicon Valley Plays in Start Ups”, was speaker at Stanford University, for Partnership between  Silicon Valley, Israel and India, was speaker at PBD, Haryana, for gender empowerment. She was a  speaker at USA-India science and technology hosted by US Embassy in Delhi, and spoke on women  empowerment, was speaker for Dell’s Global Gender Empowerment, DWEN. 

She led business delegations to Israel, has participated in women entrepreneurial focus in Dubai. In  January 2020, as a delegate member of Lt Governor of California Eleni Kounalakis’ delegation to India,  focused on Women Empowerment. 

She was honored by Bharat Nirman award from the Maharashtra Government for promoting  entrepreneurship amongst women and for gender empowerment. 

Selected Speaking Engagements

Priya has spoken on entrepreneurship, Indo-USA-Israel opportunities, and gender  empowerment. 

Selected Speaking Roles:

December 2017 Speaker, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GES, Hyderabad Healthcare and entrepreneurship 

November 2017 Speaker, Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GES, Hyderabad Silicon Valley’s model of innovation & Entrepreneurship  

October 2016 Speaker in Stanford University, Partnership between Silicon  Valley, Stanford University Israel and India 

February 2016 Speaker, PBD, Haryana, India, gender empowerment Haryana 

December 2016 Speaker, Karnataka, Innovation Summit, Investments Bengaluru 

December 2015 Speaker, USA-India science and technology and women  Delhi empowerment, hosted by US Embassy in Delhi 

April 2013 Speaker on Partnership between USA, Israel and India, hosted by  Silicon Valley TiE Global 

June 2012 Speaker for Dell’s Global Gender Empowerment, DWEN