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Prof. Manas Kumar Mandal

Honorary Professor


  • PhD, FNAPsy

What subject you teach at SSU ?

Invited talks on Contemplative Psychology


  • Visiting scholar under exchange of Scholars Scheme was awarded under Indo Dutch Programme on Alternatives and Development, Rhodes University,                                           South Africa, 2006
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded under the Indo Dutch program on Alternatives and Development, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 1999.
  • Short- term Netherlands Government Fellowship for refresher course in Philippines 1999.
  • Netherlands Government Fellowship, 1992.
  • Young Scientists’ Award by Indian Science Congress Association for original contribution in the field, 1985.
  • Has several National and International Publications
  • Visited Argentina, Austria, Canada, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, South Africa, South America, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, in connection with academic assignments and or Conferences

Besides the above Academic achievements, Prof. Rekha Singhal is a keen sportsperson and a music aficionado. She has won several medals at the national level in Table Tennis, Badminton and Swimming. She is also the proud recipient of Sangeet Prabhakar in Sitar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti in 1979.

Other Accomplishments

Director-General (LS) – DRDO, Chief Controller (LS)- DRDO, Director (DIPR), Professor – IIT, Adjunct Professor – National Institute of Advanced Studies; Visiting Professor (KyushuU-Japan)

Previous Organisation

Professor : IIM Ranchi.

My motivation to join Sri Sri University is to be one of the active partners in developing value-based world Class University. 

The unique blend of psychology and contemplation aimed by the Department of Contemplative and Behavioural Sciences (DCBS) is incomparable not only in India but in the globe, is my key inspiration to join Sri Sri University. 

The contemplation infuses learning with experience and awareness as it fosters intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth, and helps to master critical skills and multi-cultural sensitivities needed to understand and translate it into practices that change the world.


Indo-Canadian Shastri fellowship (UWaterloo-1993); Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada award (UWaterloo-1994); Fulbright fellowship, USA(Delaware-1986; Harvard University-2003; University of Pennsylvania-2021), Seymour Kety award, USA; German Academic Exchange (DAAD) fellowship, Germany; Career Award, U.G.C.; Young Scientist Award, ISCA; National Association of Medical Sciences Award; DRDO Spin-off Technology Award, Scientist of the Year Award-2006 (DRDO); Technology Leadership Award 2015 (DRDO).


85 International journals, 25 Indian Journals, 20 Book Chapters, 14 Books


Research on Facial expressions