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Prof.(Dr.) S. Kumaraswamy

Prof.(Dr.) S. Kumaraswamy

Dean & HoD



Academic, Research and Administrative Experience:

Has over 27 years of experience in academics and research in broad inter-disciplinary areas viz., Agriculture, Forestry and Microbial Ecology. Executed several research projects funded by ACIAR-Australia, IFS-Sweden, World Bank, TSBF/GEF-USA, Bosch Foundation-Germany, CSIR-India, CIFOR-Indonesia. Besides, consultancy projects and developmental projects. Published over 51 research articles in international journals of repute/conferences/symposium etc. He has also published several technical reports.

Has received prestigious fellowships abroad and visiting scientist of universities/organizations, Member of several professional bodies; Indian Society of Soil Science, New Delhi; Association of Microbiologists of India, New Delhi; ADFDT, CCMB, Hyderabad; IBSC, National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, scientific forums, organizations. Member of ecosystem group of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Switzerland. He has participated in several international/national conferences/acted as resource person in academic/research committees, delivered several invited lecture/speaker in scientific forums, organized several workshops/international scientific forums, Adhoc reviewer of research articles and research proposals, a consultant for agro-start-up small-scale innovations.

Teaching Interests:

Biosafety and Bioethics, Agricultural Heritage; Fundamentals of Soil Science; Agricultural Microbiology; Introduction to Forestry; Principles of Organic Farming; Manures, Fertilizers, and Soil Fertility Management; Problematic Soils and Management.

Academic and Administrative Interests:

Conceptualization and design of innovative curriculum, Teaching, Student counseling, Faculty mentoring and Institution building.

Research Interests:

Agro-ecology and sustainabilityWater and soil resources services in agricultural landscapes, Shifting cropping landscapes and their impact on the rural economy, Controlled environment agriculture and technology Interventions, Precision farming, Regenerative agriculture.

Biodiversity mosaic and community structures, sustainability analysis of ecosystem services and their implications for the ecosystem to landscape scale, a framework for clean development mechanism.Human ecology and sustainable agriculture.