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President’s message


Congratulations for choosing to be a part of Sri Sri University – A one of its kind premier institution for  the journey of your lifetime.

We are meeting in unprecedented times. For the last few months, the world has gone through unexpected and unimaginable life experiences. The Covid19 pandemic has changed the way we study, we live, we work, we travel, and the way we relate to each other as humanity. We are sure that this time must have presented its unique challenges to you too.

For us at Sri Sri University also, these past few months have been an extraordinary time. The Odisha Govt announced a shutdown of all educational institutions, 10 days before the national lockdown. Within a span of 3-4 days, we were able to safely send back almost all of our 2000 students to their homes across 25 states of India. With round the clock efforts, that saw us strengthening and expanding our digital and human capacity we moved our entire teaching online. It accounted for thousands of man-hours of training to our faculty and team members on the effectiveness of online teaching, learning outcome-based pedagogy, and technological leverage for the best student learning experience.

Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni
President, Sri Sri University

I am delighted to share that we did not miss even a single hour of teaching-learning time and our students successfully completed the entire curriculum for the academic year 2019-20. Not only that, we successfully completed the final exams and declared results in time, making us one of the very small percentages of Indian Higher Education Institutions to have been able to achieve this.

Now, as you are all set to begin a new journey, a journey of new hopes, new aspirations, new goals, I take this opportunity to share with you that Sri Sri University will be that turning point of your life to help you move forward in pursuing your dream! This is a university that imparts value integrated and holistic education through a beautiful amalgamation of the best of innovation and technology from the west with the best of eastern values and wisdom.

Our academics are taken care by a team of highly dedicated and experienced faculty members, the best minds in their fields.  They use innovative teaching techniques like Blooms Taxonomy, Case Method Study along with interactive sessions, surveys, presentations, competitions, etc to not only equip you with the right domain expertise but also with the curiosity which will ignite your critical thinking and creativity. Disruption, research orientation, self reflection, questioning the status quo are a way of life on campus.

Many of you have questions bombarding your mind on “Will I get my dream job?”, or “Will I get the right training before I go for my first job?”! Our Central Training and Placement Cell coaches and trains you right from the start of your academic session through various assessments, tests, seminars, workshops, mentoring sessions with Alumni/ Faculty/ Industry experts, and offers all assistance for internships and placements. I am very happy that despite the pandemic, our MBA batch of 2020 achieved almost 90% of total placements!

With our Life time President being Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji and the Art of Living Organisation being the parent body having its presence in more than 156 countries, we are already the pioneers in teaching Yoga, Meditation to millions globally! And these form the foundation of the daily routine of students. This is also one of the inclusions in the recently announced National Education Policy 2020.

Sri Sri University is also unique in many ways with having 1st of its kind department in the world, the Dept. of Contemplative and Behavioural Sciences; Department of Osteopathy, the 1st of its kind in Asia, and BSc Hons. Agribusiness programme, as 1st in India.

We are also coming up with the 1st of its kind “Integrated Medical Systems” which will cater to Allopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Osteopathy. Our 100-bedded Ayurveda hospital on the campus is already making progress with the treatment of more than 10000 patients within a year of its inception. Our BAMS program is all set to launch in 2021!

In Sri Sri University, we have been promoting all forms of sports. We have the first in the world underground lawn tennis court, badminton court located inside a quarry, 70 feet below the ground level. We have a football ground, cricket, volleyball ground, basketball court as well among others. Sports is definitely a way of life at Sri Sri University. In fact, it is our focus to revive indigenous sports as well.

Sri Sri University with its 188 acres of serene, beautiful, riverbank campus situated on a hillock and free from all vices, pollution, creates a safe and perfect ambiance for your academic and spiritual development. Yoga/Meditation/Seva is a part of a credit-based module (4 Credits) known as the “Happiness Connect”. Along with this, there is a “SELF CLUB” which focusses on personality enhancing and resilient building activities in the campus ensuring your holistic development. There are 37 more clubs that cater to various different sports and extracurricular activities. We also have a Gurukul, Goushala with desi cows, ISO 22000 certified vegetarian kitchen which dishes out supplied with organically grown seasonal vegetables grown inside the campus, to give the natural and healthy touch!

Your University has earned many accolades, the latest one being raked as 6th in the Top 25 private Universities of the country, as per the Higher Education Survey 2020!

Sri Sri University also takes pride in being one of the cleanest and greenest campuses of the country with more than 100,000 trees planted in the last 10 years and have been ranked 12th in India and 416th in the world by the UI Green Metric World University Rankings.

I am happy that you will soon become an integral part of this growing multi-country, multi-culture and multi-program community and feel confident and comfortable to play an active role in making the idea of Sri Sri University into a worthy destination for higher education not only in India but across the globe.

With spreading your wings across the ocean, remember to keep coming back to your source, through meditation! This will keep you recharged, rejuvenated, creative, and also more happy, peaceful, and calm in making decisions, learning, and leading! It is said that when you get connected to yourself then different aspects of your personality and different capabilities that are deep within you start blooming.

At Sri Sri University, every day is a unique day full of many opportunities and some challenges too. Navigating through this is providing our student’s life learnings like no classroom can teach. If you are a student who wishes to excel, loves to innovate, thrives on creativity, revels in diversity, and wants to step out of campus with expertise in domain knowledge and life, Sri Sri University is the place for you!

All of us, including your faculty members are committed  towards your welfare and success throughout your journey in Sri Sri University to make it the most fulfilling and memorable time of your life!

Welcome to what our students call India’s Happiest Campus!