Rajita ji’s message

Selecting the right program for higher studies is one of the early important decisions that young minds like yourself face today.
Which institute will give me the best education? The best job?
The best learning environment ?
I am sure, all these questions are racing through your mind as you evaluate various options. Rightly so, because education today is an exceedingly competitive field.
The world we live in is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous needing students to develop not only academic skills but also leadership and collaborative skills like never before. How can students like yourself, on the threshold of starting a undergraduate an professional courses towards building sustainable professional success, learn and excel in these skills? At Sri Sri University, our focus is to nurture and sculpt these skills in our students and groom them into becoming successful global leaders.
What makes the Sri Sri University a unique centre of education and excellence? We believe attention to the following important aspects is helping us rapidly gain recognition as one of the best private universities in India.

  1. Getting you the best knowledge in the world by an innovative academic approach that offers the knowledge of the west with the most time tested wisdom of the east,
  2. A multi dimensional learning environment, with a curriculum rich in interactive, self-study & classroom learning,
  3. Real time practical experience through industry projects along with engagement with the wider community,
  4. Rich learning from seasoned, experienced & expert faculty,
  5. Global exposure by opportunities to participate in international events & hear from
    well known speakers,
  6. Opportunity to be mentored by renowned national & international leaders,
  7. Integration of mind management tools & techniques in the curriculum, that nurture
    skills of resilience and emotional intelligence to respond to the demands of professional
  8. Training in self leadership to develop the ability to be agile in a increasingly dynamic world,
  9. Placement and Summer Internships personally guided and supported by faculty and
  10. A safe and secure campus with best in class academic and hostel infrastructure, sports and recreation facilities,
  11. An opportunity to develop your skills of integration and connection by living on a multi country, multi culture, multi program campus, and,
  12. A solid foundation of universal human values to make a confident, courageous and collaborative YOU. Is this approach working? We would think so, given that in a short span of few years we have received many awards recognising our efforts in this direction. One of the biggest compliments any educational institution can get, is when its alumni shine bright by succeeding in their chosen endeavours. In this short span of less than 5 years, Sri Sri University alumni have gone on to set up their own ventures, join multinationals, innovate for social good and chart new territories in new landscapes of opportunities. It’s common for us to get appreciation from recruiters about the exceptional skills and attitude of our students who joined them. As a start up university, our growth journey is an adventure. The rapid progress we have made in the last few years is a testimony to the success that lies ahead of us. Every day is a unique day full of many opportunities and some challenges too. Navigating through this, is providing our students life learnings, like no classroom can teach. If you are a student who wishes to excel, loves to innovate, thrives on creativity, revels in diversity and wants to walk out of a campus with expertise in domain knowledge and life, Sri Sri University is the place for you!

Come, we are waiting to welcome you!

Welcome to Sri Sri University