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Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das

Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das

Assistant Professor (Odissi)


  • B.Ed

What subject you teach at SSU ?

Bachelor in Performing Arts (Odissi Dance all practical and theory paper)

Other Accomplishments

  • Completed one National Research Project of CCRT, Central Government of India

  • Art of Living Faculty from 2010, Secretary of Swarnachal Sanskrutika Anusthan, National level dance Choreographer, International Odissi Dancer, Actor of odiya film and tv and Social Worker




  • 19th Raja Mahoshav 2018 16th June 2018 National Nrutya Ratna Award International Yoga Day 21st June 2018 International Yoga Trainer Award 2018.
  • National Junior Fellowship Award 2017-2018
  • National Nrutya Ratna Award, 2018
  • National Baisakhi Awards, 2017
  • National Ekalavya Awards, 2009
  • Bhaskar Das Memorial Award 1999 State Award
  • National Scholarship from Govt of India 2000-2002 National Senior Scholarship
  • National Prativa Samman 2004 National Award
  • Padmashri Sanjukta Panigrahi Memorial Trust Scholarship 2002-04 State Scholarship
  • National Awrad Kalke Kalakar Samman 2005
  • National Award Koustav Samman 2007
  • Bhimeswar Nrutya Prativa Samman 2007 Sate Award
  • National Sringarmani Award 2009
  • National Temple City Award 2011
  • Ekalabya Samman 2009 National Award
  • National Dr. Minati Mishra Award 2013
  • International Award World Cultural Festival (International Dance/Cultural Event) Coordinator Award 2016
  • International Yoga Trainer Awards 2016/2017 International Awards
  • 12th National Craft Mela Cultural Talent Artist Award 2017 National Award
  • Grishma Mahoshav 3rd June 2018 Honored by Culture Minister of Odisha.

Rashmi Rekha Das 

∙ Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das: I am An International Odissi Dancer and Yoga Trainer and  my great Contribution I got many national and International Awards like:  (Sringarmani/Nrutyavushan/Nrutyamani/Nrutyaratna/Nrutyajyoti/Nrutyaprativa,Nruty a Alankar, Sangeet Visarad) 

∙ My Special Quality is to STRESS FREE TEAHING. 


Designation and Rolls Performed:  

Founder Member/Champion Faculty/Former HOD/Assistant Professor  ∙ Department of Performing Arts, Sri Sri University ,Odisha-1 st September 2012 to  still now.  

∙ The Secretary of Swarnachal Sanskrutika Anusthan 1st February 2003.  ∙ Door Darshan Artist -2000  

∙ Dance Choreographer for 1665 odissi dancers called Dashavataram and Odisha state  Coordinator for World Culture Festival 12th March 2016 . 

∙ The Dance for world peace called “Sarve Mangalam Bhavantu” Choreograph for 108  odissi dancer for 12th National TOSHALI MOHATSAV -2017.  

∙ Got National Junior Fellowship for outstanding artists of the field Odissi Dance – 2018-2020 , CCRT, Governments of India, New Delhi.  


∙ Qualification  

∙ M.A. in Odissan Studies  

M.A. in Odissi Dance  

∙ M.A in Yogic Since  

∙ B.A. in Odissi Vocal  

∙ Awarded for National Junior Research Fellowship for outstanding contribution in the  flied of Odissi Dane from Government of India National (CCRT)  


∙ International Webinar appreciation certificate as a resource person from Driems  Autonomous Engineering Collage, Cuttack, Odisha. 2021.  

∙ International FDP program Participation certificate, from Sri Sri University, Cuttack  Odisha.2021  

∙ International Yoga Webinar Best Paper Award from Shivanand Yoga Academy,  Bhubaneswar, Odisha-14th September 2020.  

∙ International Yoga trainer award –21st June 2020 from Ayush , Government of India.  ∙ International Yoga Day Award-21st June 2019 OTV, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  ∙ International Yoga Day Award-21st June 2018 CRPF, Government of India.  ∙ International Odissi Dance Festival 26th December 2018 Opening Solo Odissi Dance  

Performance Certificate. Organized by GKCM Odissi Research Center and Odia  Language, Literature, Culture and Tourism Government of Odisha  

∙ International Conference Ajay Binay collage and Ravenshaw collage.  International Yoga Day Trainer Awards, CRPF, Bhubaneswar Odisha, Government of  India – 21.06.2018  

∙ International Dance and Music Festival Invited Chief Guest and Judge in Cuttack  Mahosav by Utkal Yuva Sanskrutik Sangh, Odisha 5th January 2017.  ∙ International Yoga Day Trainer Appreciation Certificate from CRPF, Bhubaneswar  Odisha, Government of India – 21 June-2017  

∙ International Arts Sorjan” Participation Certificate, organized by Visual and  Performing Arts Department, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha- December 2017.  ∙ International Women’s Day Participation in Panel Discussion Certificate by Sri Sri  University, Cutack, Odisha.2017.  

∙ International Yoga Day Trainer Awards by East Cost Railway Bhubaneswar Odisha,  Government of India-21 June-2016.  

∙ Awarded for best Coordinator and Dance Choreographer for World Cultural Festival  (Performer/ 1065 Odissi Dance Trainer and Coordinator Award) 2016.  ∙ Awarded for Guinness World Records attempt for LARGEST ODISSI DANCE 2011  

NATIONAL AWARDS: (Yoga/Odissi Dance/ Kathak/Bharatnatyam) 

∙ -National FDP program Partition Certificate, from Sri Sri University, June-2021.  ∙ -National Webinar Partition Certificate, from Utkal University, Government of  Odisha. June 2021. 

– National Webinar Appreciation Certificate as a resource person from Inpods, US.  June 2021.  

∙ -National Covid Care Yoga Workshop Appreciation Certificate as a resource person  from Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Odissi Research Center, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  Government of Odisha, May 2021  

∙ National Doordarshan Artist, New Delhi, India-2009.  

– Artist of Dooradarshan Kendra,Bhubaneswar, Odisha-2005  

– National Junior Fellowship Award 2017-18 by CCRT, Mistry of Culture,  Government of India  

– National Nrutya Ratna Award Organized by Soor Mandir, Cuttack, Odisha on 16th  June 2018.  

∙ _National Excellent Speaker Award-December 2020, Dream Engineer Collage,  Cuttack, Odisha.  

– National Senior Scholarship in Odissi Dance from Ministry of Culture, Government  of India 2000-2002.  

– National Prativa Samman from Ministry of culture Government of India 2004.  – 12th National Craft Mela Artist Award from Government of Odisha,  Handloom 2017 for 108 Dancers with me dance performance for World Peace.  – National Kalke Kalakar Samman from Sur Sringar Sansad,Mumbai 2005.  – National Koustav Samman from koustuv college 2007.  

– National Sringarmani Award from Sur Sringar Sansad, Mumbai 2009.  – National Eakalavya Samman by Lasya Kala Academy, Odisha 2009.  – National Dr. Minati Mishra Award from National Music Association, Cuttack,  Odisha 2013.  

– National Ekamra Samman from Lingaraj Temple Association, Bhubaneswar,  Odisha  

– National Baishakhi Award from Chinta o Chetana, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 2017  – National Cultural Excellency Award 2017 by Utkal Yuva Sanskrutik Sangh,  Cuttack, Odisha.  

– National Seminar and Dance Festival, Boudh, Odisha Paper Presentation and  Participation Certificate  

– National Gopalpur Beach Festival Performance Certificate 2016 by Government of  Odisha  


– Bhimeswar Nrutya Prativa Samman by Bhimeswar Mandir Parisad, Bhubaneswar,  Odisha 2007.  

– Temple City Award by Government of Odisha 2011  

– Bhaskar Das Memorial Award, Raghunathpur Sanskrutik Parisad 1999  – Padmashri Sanjukta Panigrahi Memorial Trust Scholarship 2002-04  


– Maa Mangala Odiya film acting as a child artist.  

– Raja Rani Odiya film acting as a heroine friend.  

– Paradeshi Chadhei Odiya film acting as side corrector.  

– Sri Jagannath Odiya Serial lead artist (Prathana TV/Tarang TV)  

– DD-1 National Channel Opening Ceremony Day“Vande Utkal Jananni” with my Guruji Padmabibhushan Kelu Charan 


– DD-1 National Channel performed “Ekadasha Rudra” Dance Drama with  Padmashree Dr. Ileana Chitarist and Guru Ratikant Mohapatra-2005  – DD-1 Odiya Tv Channel dance performed “Kala Pahad”/Kanchi  

Abhijan/Health Awareness Songs-2000.  

– She has acted as ‘First Mahari Dancer Called (Chanda), the lead actress of  ‘Shri Jagannath’ TV serial telecast in Taranga Odia channel.  

– Prathana TV Odiya channel Opening Ceremony dance performance  presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.  

– National Dr. Minati Mishra Award 2013  

– International Award World Cultural Festival (International Dance/Cultural  Event) Coordinator Award 2016  

– International Yoga Trainer Awards 2016/2017  

– International Awards 12th National Craft Mela Cultural Talent Artist Award  2017  

– National Award Grishma Mahoshav 3rd June 2018 Honored by Culture  Minister of Odisha  


∙ Research, World Event Management, Dancing and Singing  

∙ Other Accomplishments  

– Sringarmani Rashmi Rekha Das, M.A. in Orissan Studies from Utkal  University of Culture and also M.A. in Odissi Dance from Akhil Bharatiya  Gandharva Mahavidyalay Mondal, Mumbai, M.A in Odissi Dance from  Sangeet Natak Academy a National ACADEMY of Music, Dance and Drama,  New Delhi, India, B.A in Odissi Vocal from Chandigarah Prachin Kala  Kendra, India and Currently doing the research project work from National  Juniour Fellowship, New Delhi India.  

– She is a dynamic, multitalented and National, International award-winning  dancer. Having performed on national and global stages, she brings in great  insights into the teaching and learning of the classical dance of Odissi. She has  been consistently adjudged as one of the most promising young Odissi dancers  of her generation. She is currently teaching at Department of Performing Arts  at Sri Sri University, Odisha  

and continues to train and mentor young boys and girls.  

– Her incredible dance performances are simply awe inspiring and have  brought her a lot of fame and fortune. Her works have always been highly  praised by many renowned personalities of the State and Abroad. As a matter  of fact, she has been honored with many prestigious awards as a mark of  appreciation to her innovative style of dance.  


Rashmi Rekha Das, a child artist from 1985 at Odisha’s all theaters because  her Father Prahallad Das and Mother Sanjukta Das also theater artist of all  Odisha theaters. She has been lucky to have great and legendary Gurus. As a  

child she was initiated into Odissi Dance by Late Padmabibhushan Guru  Kelucharan Mohapatra at the tender age of 7, and further continued by Mrs. 

Sujata Mohapatra as a professional dancer she has taken rigorous training at  the Srijan Odissi Nrutya Basha.  


– Founder Member, Faculty Champion, Hod of Performing Arts department,  Sri Sri University-2012 still continue  

– Assistant Professor and Former HOD Faculty of Performing Arts, Sri Sri  University (2015-2016)  

– Faculty in Performing Arts Department, Sri Sri University (2016-2018)  – Senior Odissi Dance Teacher- Art Vision- 2004-2009  

– Senior Odissi Dancers and Teacher- Srijan Nrutya Basha-1997-2004  – Dance Teacher- D.A.V Public School from-(2009-2012)  

– Secretary of Swarnachal Sanskrutika Anusthana from-2003 still continue  – Art of Living Faculty from 2009  

– International Yoga Trainer from 2017  

– Guest Faculty- (Odissi Dance) National Law University Odisha, Cuttack 2017-2018  


– She has been performing Odissi Dance with Late Padmabibhushan Guru  Kelucharan Mohapatra, Late Padmaashree Sanjukta Panigrahi, Padmashree  Kumkum Mohanty, Padmashree Madhavi Mudgal, Guru Ratikant Mohapatra  and Guru Sujata Mohapatra at the age of 13 years.  

Dance Performances at a glance:  

– International Dance Performance with I.C.C.R: – Italy (2003), Canada  (2004), South Africa (2006), Brazil  



 Ki-Range Chhahila Chhaila(Odiya Abhinaya)2019  

∙ _Navadhabhakti (Odissi Dance for me solo dance performance in International Dance  Festival-2018 a new Choreography from the first time in Odissi Dance field)  ∙ _Sapta Tanda (Odissi Dance for SSU students and me group dance performance in  International Dance Festival-2019 a new Choreography from the first time in Odissi  Dance field)  

– Kanchi Abhijana Dance Drama (Odisha Culture Story)-2019  

– Dashavatar 5.46-minute dance choreography for World Cultural Festival 2016  

– The Dance for World Peace-2017  

– The Origin of Painting Dance Drama-2017  

– Navadha Bhakti (Nine Types of Devotion) -2018– SriJgannath Odiya TV  Serial in Tarang Tv and Parthana Tv all Jaydev Story Songs dance  


– “Om Nama Shivay” Shiva Tandav Dance-2004  

– Ya Devi Sarve Bhuteshu dance choreography- 2007.  

– Jay Jay Mahakali-2014 

– Magala Charan(Guru Vandana)-2013  – Vande Utkal Jannani-2011  

– Asthapadi “Hari Eha Mugdha”-2015  

∙∙ Rashmi Rekha Das  

∙ 15.09.2021