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SDG 14.2.3
Supporting Aquatic Ecosystems through Education

Overfishing (community outreach) Offer educational outreach activities for local or national communities to raise awareness about overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and destructive fishing practices

Plate 14.2.3 Some photographs of community outreach program at nearby fisherman community Naraj Barrage, Cuttack, Odisha


  1. Students are exposed to the local fisherman communities through outreach programs as a part of their curriculum.
  2. Awareness programs on Sustainable fisheries, overfishing and unreported or unregulated fishing are being organized.


Sri Sri University encourages students to visit local fisherman communities. They are made aware of the pros of sustainable fishing practices. Fisherman community made aware of overfishing, unregulated fishing, mesh size through outreach activities. Interaction with fishermen and fish sellers in nearby local fish markets are surveyed and challenges are discussed. The challenge to livelihood is also discussed.

Fishermen benefitted from these interactions and improved the fishing practices. Local communities are also benefitted from these outreach programs.