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SDG 14.3.4
Supporting Aquatic Ecosystems Through Action

Technologies towards aquatic ecosystem damage prevention (direct work) Work directly (research and/or engagement with industries) on technologies or practices that enable the marine industry to minimize or prevent damage to aquatic ecosystems.


Sri Sri University students and faculty members worked collaboratively with the river rejuvenation team of Art of Living (the parent organization of Sri Sri University) on different projects, workshops, and conferences. Art of Living has rejuvenated more than 48 rivers, benefiting more than 7 million people.  River rejuvenation programs have revived more than 1000 water bodies. More than 6100 villages are benefitted from these programs and it is appreciated by the local, national and international governing bodies.  Limca book of records cited this work as “Most Extensive River Rejuvenation by an NGO”.