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Spiritual induction

We, as an institution focus on spiritual growth and development so that individuals associated with the organization are able to handle their mind and emotions constructively and excel in their respective domain areas. The Art of Living’s ‘Happiness Program’ is conducted for all the new entrants. The program has a world record of increasing the happiness quotient. The ‘Sudarshan Kriya’, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique taught in the Program aids in mental clarity, eases the build-up of emotions and uplifts one spiritually.

In the words of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Lifetime President of the University, ‘It is time to encourage our youth to see beyond limited identities, and to see beyond limited intentions, and to associate with the common humanity that we are all part of. It is time to tear down the walls between cultures and celebrate diversity. It is time to connect at the heart-to-heart level and let go of the negative emotions.’


Taking a step towards achieving this vision, students, as part of the induction process attend a four-day workshop ~YES +, an Art of Living Program for the Youth. The tools and techniques, group and service activities, mind management skills are the backbone of the YES+ program. It helps students develop a strong foundation to achieve individual goals and also work towards collective good. It draws forth clarity in observation, perception and expression. Students develop a passion for volunteerism and contribute towards nation building.After completion of this program, students are encouraged as well as provided with opportunities to take to higher level of spiritually oriented workshops such as the advanced meditation programs etc.

The ‘Happiness Connect-Part I’ programme, introduced from this academic year (2019-20) is an effort towards creating students who are trained to excel with a rational perspective and a peaceful mind. The curriculum involves practice of asanas (yogic postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), Sudarshan Kriya and meditation together in a group. The sessions are facilitated by our in-campus ‘Art of Living ‘faculty members. It is a 02 credit course per semester for 50 marks, 20 marks is allocated for theory and 30 marks for practicals. Additionally, regular sessions on knowledge and spiritual counselling are also facilitated throughout the year in the campus, benefiting students across every dimension of their personality.