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Sri Sri Advanced Global Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies (SSAGC-CRPS)

  • Name of the Centre: Sri Sri Advanced Global centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
  • Advisory Board:
  1. Inspiration: Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  2. Chief Patron: Rajita Kulkarni: President, Sri Sri University &  President of World forum for Ethics in Business.
  3. Patron: Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Kumar Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sri Sri University.
  4. Director: Prof. P. Srinivas Subbarao, Dean FCMS, Sri Sri University
  5. Co-ordinator: Mr. Kamala Kanta Dash, Visiting Faculty, FCMS, Sri Sri University
  • Back Ground: Why this Centre? : Towards a Non-Violent and Peaceful World Order: This dedicated centre on conflict resolution and peace studies will focus on issues of conflict and peace building around the world. Built on the global experience of our Founder President and Inspiration H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual master, this pluridisciplinary centre will study, analyse, publish and advocate on innovative methods of conflict resolution and peace building.
  • Our Inspiration: His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: – Gurdev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has been invited to mediate in several international conflicts, notably being the recent invitation by Venezuelan government after Sri Sri played an important role in Colombia peace process bringing the government and guerilla group to the dialogue table. He has been playing an important role in India as well having been involved in the Ayodhya, Kashmir, Northeast India and Naxalite issues. The Art of Living Foundation has been working in areas of prison reforms and deradicalization in India and in several other countries. The proposed centre will build on the extensive experience of Art of Living in the areas of conflict resolution and peace.

Sri Sri strongly believes that lasting peace starts with individual peace. Through his unique social, cultural and economic interventions which are based on his spiritual approach of Vasudhaiba Kutumbakam to global peace he has involved and touched millions of lives around the world. His programmes involving self-awareness, self-development, constructive community dialogue and rehabilitation, have had a positive effect on several social and political conflicts and post-conflict societies and countries all over the globe. His programs and peace initiatives have reached every section of society with an aim to work to ‘transform hate and violence into peace and joy’.

  • Research and Case Development: The centre will develop cases for teaching, research and advocacy purposes.
  • Partnerships: The centre aims to partner with all stakeholders to achieve the objective of a non-violent and peaceful world order. We welcome the Government agencies, Peace Leaders, Universities and Social Movements.
  • Teaching & Training: Capacity Development for Non-Violence and Peace: – Initially, this year in 2019, to celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the centre will offer an awareness programme and a certificate programme in Non-Violence and Peace to be launched on 2nd October 2019, United Nations’ International Non-Violence Day. From next academic year 2020-21, the centre will also develop modules to train students, young minds, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, business leaders, law enforcement officers in conflict resolution and peace studies.  The centre aims to offer UG and PG level taught programmes in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies along with a long term aim to introduce unique Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level advanced research programmes.
  • Contact Details: Office of the Director, Center for Peace Studies,  2nd Floor, Shruti Building, Sri Sri University Cuttack, Bidyadhar pur, Ward No.-3, Odisha: 754006, Contact No-0671-7132631,   I.D:
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