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Sri Sri Centre for Translation
and Interpreting Studies (SSCTIS)

About the Centre:
Sri Sri Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies is a research centre established on February 22, 2021, by Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to promote translation and interpreting studies in India as per the guidelines of NEP 2020. This centre for excellence functions under Sri Sri University, a State Private University established by the Sri Sri University Act – 2009 by the Odisha State Legislative Assembly, founded by His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Since translation industry globally is witnessing a paradigm shift, fields with the demands of translator and interpreter multiplying manifold in industries and fields like, medical translation, community interpretation, newspaper translation, heritage interpretation, legal translation, machine translation, Parliamentary interpretation, etc., Sri Sri Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies ensures that the students will be benefitted by joining courses offered by the centre and also assist them to find job opportunities in this ever growing industry.

Vision of the Centre:
Sri Sri Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies is the first ever centre in any Indian university which brings together both translation and interpreting studies. As practices of translation and interpreting are increasingly becoming significant in the entire world and especially in a plurilingual country like India, our vision is to promote an excellent opportunity for learning, practicing and research in the field of translation and interpreting studies, with the option of pursuing a certificate course in the field of translation, localization and interpretation thereby aiming to create an interdisciplinary centre for translation, adaptation, localization, machine translation, interpretation and other related forms of communication. SSCTIS as per the vision of the NEP2020, is also working towards a language lab for learning Indian languages.

Mission of the Centre:
Sri Sri Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies under the auspicious guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, desires to build a holistic and spiritually uplifting eco- environment to conduct socially useful research that is relevant to the academic community and also engage with public interest. The proposed Centre will try to foster skills like, community interpreting, medical interpreting, legal interpreting etc, through realistic scenarios by sending the students to the actual field to serve the marginalised communities, poor people in dire need of medical attention or legal help. The proposed centre will try to become one of the vibrant, dynamic and collaborative learning centre of interpreting and translation skills in entire India guided by professional translators and interpreters. The certificate course titled, “Professional Translation and Interpretation” will reflect industry practices in its curriculum, resulting in making the students fit for taking up translation and interpretation professionally and also provide them a solid basis for continuing on to a research degree. The proposed Centre with the help of state-of-the-art facilities at Sri Sri University and skilled faculties and academic staffs, and regular inputs from experienced professionals from outside will ensure the students of the centre gain the expertise needed for a successful career in translation and interpreting.

Focus Areas:

  • Run Certificate Course in Professional Translation and Localization
  • Run Certificate Course in learning Indian Languages, i.e., Tamil, Assamese, Nepali, etc.
  • Collaborate with reputed national and international bodies to conduct translator training workshops
  • Finding out possibilities to acquire research grants by submitting projects to Government and Private funding agencies
  • Conduct Seminars/Panels on professional and technical translation, adaptation and localization
  • Signing MoUs with higher education institutions, other translation and interpreting studies research centres and corporates working in the field of professional localizations and translations
  • Publishing translated books of both literary and knowledge texts from the Centre

About the Director:
Mr. Rindon Kundu has been appointed as the Founder Director of Sri Sri Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies. Apart from this responsibility he is also an Assistant Professor of English at the Faculty of Arts, Communication and Indic Studies, Sri Sri University. In addition to this he also serves as the Treasurer of the Comparative Literature Association of India since March 2019. With the exception of all these duties he has also been nominated as the South Asian Director of International Association for Eco-Translatology Research in the year 2018. He has recently been awarded with the Volkswagen Stiftung 2021 Grant. He has also been awarded several international grants in the field of translation and interpretation, like “EST 2019 Young Research Travel Grant” by the European Society for Translation Studies to present his research; “British Academy 2019 Full Grant awardee” to participate in the African Translation and Interpreting Studies Writing Workshop in Stellenbosch University,South Africa and “6th IATIS Bursary Award 2018” by the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies to present a paper in Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. He was invited to deliver a plenary presentation at the & 6th International Symposium on Ecological Translation organized by Zhengzhou University, P.R. China in 2018 and by British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia to talk at the BCLT Conference on & Eco-translation: Responding to the Work of Michael Cronin in 2021.

The Centre, after signing an MoU with Calcutta Comparatists 1919, has started collaborating with them for the promotion of Indian Languages. The Centre has signed an MoU with Braahmam International (an ISO 17100:2015 certified company).

Courses run by the Centre:

  • Certificate Course in Tamil: The Centre has initiated a Certificate Course in Tamil in collaboration with Calcutta Comparatists 1919
  • Certificate Course in Translation and Localization: The Centre has also planned to start a Certificate Course in Translation and Localization. Braahmam International (an ISO 17100:2015 certified company) has agreed to provide intellectual logistics and paid internships to the eligible candidates passed the Certificate Course