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Sri Sri Global Centre for Green Engineering


The Sri Sri Global Centre for Green Engineering aims to create new models of sustainability by applying the concepts of green technology. The Centre also intends to function as a catalyst for connecting all professionals working to create a greener society by inspiring, educating, and influencing the worldwide engineering community to adopt green engineering techniques in their design, product, process, and systems. The Centre is being established in collaboration with the Institution of Green Engineers (IGEN), Chennai.


To create a common platform for the confluence of innovative ideas and insights to build green communities and to offer environmentally sound solutions.


To be a Centre of excellence and knowledge hub in the area of finance

Focus areas:

  • To contribute towards the achievement of SDGs in the field of green engineering through collaborative research.
  • To develop innovative products and services to provide solutions for a sustainable greener world.
  • To conduct skill development training and short-term certification courses.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposiums for gathering new insights about relevant topics and to develop recommendations/suggestions for assisting policymakers in decision-making.
  • To develop new concepts, tools, and techniques in the area of renewable energy and electric vehicle.