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5 Benefits of Participating in Model United Nations (MUN)

Feb 02, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Is having a degree enough to build a successful career? In the 21st century, when most people are exposed to the same variety of education, to be able to stand out is a challenge. In a sea of professionals with similar aptitude and degrees, you must have an edge that will help you have an upper hand. 

Thus, most colleges and universities stress on conferences, debates and conclaves that help hone skills of students further. The Model United Nations (MUN) is one such platform. It is basically a diplomatic competition in which student’s role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulates UN committees.

This is more than a diplomatic competition. Do you agree? Read on to find the five benefits of Model UN:


  1. Global Awareness : In a platform where you are representing a nation and there will be discussions on important global issues, being informed is key. In fact, while you prepare for the event, you will have to research well on current global issues in general and issues concerning the nation you are representing in particular. When you are informed and are aware of the current happenings, you will carry confidence in any given situation. The experience in a platform like MUN will motivate you to keep yourself updated on the current happenings in and around the world.
  1. Builds Confidence : The biggest challenge that most youth face today is the ability to communicate their thoughts. That is primarily because of lack of confidence. In a conference like MUN, you will have to speak in front of an audience, representing a particular nation. This exercise will improve your public speaking skills and your confidence will get a boost. The boost in confidence will help you take on the world.
  1. Business Skills : Organizing an event like the Model UN calls for proper planning and strategizing. In fact, the conference can be thought of as a business enterprise where you are inviting delegates or customers. This experience of organizing a MUN for your university will hone your skills as a marketer, a planner and a strategist. These skills can never be learned in a classroom environment. The exposure that you will receive by doing the groundwork for an intellectual gathering like the MUN will allow you to take leadership in your professional life too.
  1. Networking Opportunities : In conferences like this, you will be exposed to a crowd who have an intellectual mind and have done their research. Interaction with a well-informed crowd will help you grow as an individual and provide better networking opportunities.
  1. Boosts Your Resume : When you move outside your academia comfort zone and highlight your participation, it will add weightage to your resume.

The MUN is more than a diplomatic competition, where the best speaker is rewarded. Every student who is part of the MUN, learns skills for life.

SSUMUN 2.0 is in session now!

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