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5 Management Skills You Can Learn from ‘Queen of Jhansi’

Jan 30, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ hit the screens this weekend and everyone is gushing over the courage and prowess the Queen of Jhansi exhibited in the battle field. There is, however, more to her character than that which meets the eye. A woman who led from the front, the Queen was not merely a fierce warrior but a ‘Management Guru’.

Here we will list five management/leadership skills you can learn from Rani Lakshmi Bai – the Queen of Jhansi:

Connect : A leader cannot be at a pedestal and be an instructor, but rather must bridge the gap and be one with the team. The Queen made all attempts to connect to the people. In one such instance, when the East India Company (EIC) officers captured the livestock, she not only warned them which forced the EIC to return the livestock but also met the aggrieved in person. In this way, a connection is established. In most enterprises, the relationship between those in power and their subordinates is limited to professional etiquettes.

Inspire and lead : A leader is one who can motivate his team to work to the best of his abilities. Having limited army strength and resources, the Queen used her communication skills to motivate the women of her kingdom to take to the battlefield. The job of a leader is to inspire people to own their talents so that the collective goal is achieved successfully.

Strategic Planning : The actual credential of a manager/ leader can be judged only during testing times. The Queen fought a fierce battle with all her might to retain the kingdom of Jhansi, however, she decided to flee to her own people in Kalpi only to face the EIC after better strategic planning. A leader sometimes needs to take a backseat, introspect, strategize and then take the next move.

Collaboration and Networking : The Queen was aware that her army strength was not enough to fight the EIC thus she shifted focus. The queen with her close confidante Tatya Tope mounted a successful assault on the city fortress of Gwalior. Thereafter, she motivated the Maratha soldiers to participate in the war for independence. To grow, collaboration and networking are key.

Walk the Talk : A leader leads by example. The Queen of Jhansi chose to not go on a sabbatical but take responsibility for the kingdom after the death of her husband. She not only motivated the people of her kingdom to take arms but lead the army from the front.

A fiery warrior on the battlefield, ruler of a kingdom and a master strategist – the Queen of Jhansi is a case study many B-Schools must include in their curriculum!

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