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Best Unconventional Career Choices After English Honours

Feb 11, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Are you smitten every time there is a phrase or a word in poetry or prose that redefines reality and transports you to an unknown space? Do you feel the best way to give your thoughts a structure is through the written words? If yes, the world of literature is your ultimate destination. A degree in English literature while on the one hand is considered the ultimate area of study, on the other hand, there is an audience who feels there are limited career opportunities that one can explore.

In a tech-fuelled economy, graduates in English literature have ample opportunities. The career options are no longer restricted to teaching, academia, content and creative writing. In fact, there are several fast-growing career options that are tailor-made especially for humanities and social sciences majors.

Here we will list 5 unconventional career choices after English Honours:

  • Corporate Communications Director : For any business enterprise,the requirement for an effective communications team who will be responsible for building public relations is key. An English Literature graduate is trained to critically analyse characters, plot and thus the analytical skills help better strategies for the development of the firm. A  Corporate Communications Director is responsible for newsletters, e-mail campaigns, reports, press releases, web content, and other communication pieces.  This profile calls for especially English literature graduates.
  • Investor Relations : With the advent of the digital medium, the pressure to remain relevant and to keep consumers engaged has become the need of the hour. The person hired for the job will be responsible for managing the corporate messages, he is responsible to communicate the happenings of the company to the press and investors. This is another career option where expertise in language is much required.
  • Copywriters (Direct Response, Digital) : A graduate in English Literature has always been the first choice for a copy writer’s position. Today, the profile has further been divided in two broad categories~ Direct Response Copywriters and Digital Copywriters. The creativity and precision in language that these profiles require can best be provided by one who has majored in English. The direct response copywriters focus on mail-based marketing while a digital copywriter looks into banner ads, creative social media campaigns, blog posts, website copies, and other promotional ideas.
  • Corporate Blogger : Corporate blogs are used as branding tools. A blogger is required to create content schedules, introduce fresh ideas and articles. This is a high-pay job that is best suited for an English literature graduate.  
  • Brand Managers : A brand manager is essentially creative people with excellent communication skills. It is a fun, creative role and involves strategic thinking and marketing talent.  For an English graduate the focus is on analytical thinking and thus this position is apt.

Those of you who are keen to study English literature, look beyond the obvious career choices, as creative people you cannot be restricted and the sky is the limit!