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BPA Hindustani
Vocal Music

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  • Introduction
  • Course Details
  • Career Avenues

BPA Hindustani Vocal Music


  • Music is the expression of a human’s inner spirit. A good artist needs to be a good human being first. The University facilitates the students with a natural, beautiful, and serene environment that fosters artistic excellence.
  • A holistic education, career-oriented curriculum, expert guidance, and comprehensive training in body, mind, and knowledge are provided to students to grow up as fine artists and to absorb values that will help them become disciplined, confident, self-sufficient, and noble human beings. 
  • The history of music dates back to prehistoric times. Involvement with the liberal and performing arts allow students’ multiple intelligences to be acknowledged, developed, and appreciated.
  • A career in Hindustani Vocal Music lets an individual learn and think differently and develop verbal, physical, and interpersonal skills, logical and intuitive thinking, spatial and kinesthetic intelligence.

Course Details


  • The curriculum is developed in a manner in which its focus is on Studio Practice (Music), etc. The faculty follows a holistic approach, preparing students to excel both academically and professionally.
  • Some of the main theory courses in Hindustani Vocal are  Life sketches of Gurus and singers, Study of Important Texts related to Hindustani Vocal, Study of Instruments, Theory of Indian Music, Biographies of Musicians and Musicologists, Study of Ancient Granthas, and Origin & Evolution of Music are some of the main theory courses offered in Music. 
  • We follow a Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework (LOCF). At the end of three years (6 Semester) of a bachelor’s degree, our students are skilled to pursue any career and excel. 
  • The curriculum defining both traditional plinth and contemporary development is designed by experts of high repute.  The focus is on instilling the best of classical knowledge with a modern outlook. 
  • Credits : 140 credits   [2 credit = 50 marks, 4 credits = 100 marks]. Total Marks: 3500 marks

Career Avenues


The career avenues after a degree in BPA Hindustani Vocal Music are as follows :

  • Film Music is one of the most popular choices, where you can either opt for playbacks or be a composer.
  • Producing advertisement jingles is very effective to cash out after pursuing a degree in music.
  • A musician or a composer with managerial skills would make you ready for international careers in Managing studio
  • You can always choose Teaching, as one of the finest career options out there
  •  These days starting a music band, youtube channel, or utilizing similar digital platforms is one of the most convenient ways to kick-start your career.



10+2 examination or equivalent from any stream from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% score





INR 15,000 / $US 700






Mr. Ratikant Mohapatra Dean – Faculty of Arts, Communication and Indic Studies
Smt.Bhanumathi Narasimhan
Smt.Bhanumathi Narasimhan Faculty of Arts, Communication and Indic Studies
Prof. Kalyani Samantray
Prof. Kalyani Samantray Professor & HoD, FACIS
Aaron Chimbel
Aaron Chimbel Editorial Board - FACIS (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Dan Arnall
Dan Arnall Editorial Board - FACIS (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Badri Seshadri
Badri Seshadri Editorial Board - FACIS (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Deepak Harichandan
Deepak Harichandan Editorial Board - FACIS (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Dr. Umesh Arya
Dr. Umesh Arya Editorial Board - FACIS (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das
Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das Champion Faculty - FACIS (Odissi)

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