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Campus Facilities

The Campus

The vibrant campus life of Sri Sri University promises a different world altogether. Placed in the tropical climate of Odisha, one would enjoy the abundance of rainfall, the wintery chill of December, and the bloom of spring.

For a well-rounded experience, the Sri Sri University campus provides wide ranges of facilities, so that it becomes easier for students to cope up with the campus culture.

The campus is a sprawling magnificent beauty of 188 acres of land, with both residential and non-residential facilities.

The environment of the university with a cluster of minimalistic structures amid trees, shrubs, and well-laid out lawns provides a serene ambiance.

Academic Facilities

We here at Sri Sri University take pride in setting an academic culture which is a unique blend of best practices from both the east and the west. 

High standards in academia is made possible through a value-based learning environment, world class faculty and state of the art academic facilities.   

Residential and Dining Facilities

The university provides top notch residential and dining facilities for all it’s students, faculty and staff ensuring that they feel at home, even while being away from home.


Library Facilities

The University has an extensively rich and resourceful library located in Shruti Academic Complex. 
It is well-designed and it has a spacious and eco-friendly interior.
It has an air-conditioned reading hall and is fully-equipped with modern amenities which provide the right ambiance for studies. 


Sports Facilities

The University is big on sporting culture and ensures that it provides the right environment for the students to excel at sports in campus and become leaders both on and off the field.

Healthcare Facilities

We have a dedicated in-house medical clinic with a full-time practitioner for dispensing medical advice and consultation on health matters, first-aid, and illnesses.
In addition to that, the University has Ayurveda Hospital with an emergency unit , surgical unit and also medical unit.
This ensures student in the campus find the help they are seeking for, in case of mid-night emergencies and etc.

Transportation Facilities

The University provides transport services for it’s faculty, staff and students both within the campus as well as to and from the city of Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack.

Amenities & Other Services

For On-campus residents the University also provides other basics facilities like 

  1. Banking and Postal Services

  2. Departmental Store- Facilities 

  3. Sumeru Tours & Travels

  4. Salons