Career Readiness Program (CRP)

The Career Readiness Program CRP for MBA students is designed to enhance the professional maturity of our graduates. Career Readiness Program provides a taste of the real-world business environment and equips the participants with essential tools and perspectives to address the employability issues and get participants in driving seat to proactively manage their career progression.

At the heart of it, CRP enables “student-driven” learning by providing perspective and tools across a set of 42 career management topics. Additionally, the program is designed to serve as a connecting thread for the academic curriculum of MBA and leverages the SSU Training and Placement (T&P) services to deliver customized learning experience aligned to the students’ personal career aspirations.

CRP Delivery Approach

CRP delivery is anchored in the “immersion” experience of 1-week every Semester delivered by lead instructor & program director – Sunil Sheoran. Following the immersion experience, the students are equipped to drive their self-paced learning by leveraging::

  1. Access to CRP learning portal, which provides access to relevant content along with opportunities of collaborative learning
  2. Learning calendar that defines the cadence of student assignments and other learning activities
  3. The guidance of the instructor and the CRP coordinator : – Dr Richa Baghel, Assistant Professor, FMS, Sri Sri University. Weekly CRP session is conducted by her to monitor and guide the program and projects.
  4. Practicing the learnings via projects throughout the MBA program.

Program Content

The CRP content comprises of 42 unique but integrated set of topics specially designed for MBA students. At the highest level, the program content is structured in three categories of:

  1. Managing Yourself
  2. Working with Others
  3. Managing Context

To further explore the content details, check out the CRP curriculum.

CRP Certificate Requirements

SSU awards the graduation certificate for completion of its Career Readiness Program (CRP). To earn the certificate, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Interested students need to apply for enrollment in the program, and get it approved by the program director. Continuation in the program is contingent upon student performance. Registration in CRP is open to all SSU MBA students.
  • Participation in training workshops for the required CRP courses (CRP I, II, III, IV).
  • Complete the required CRP assignments & projects with “pass” grades. The delivery of an approved industry project will earn the “completion with distinction.”

Admin Info

CRP engine is a self-sustaining model. An online learning portal provides calendar reminder for assignments, projects, weekly meeting with Dr Richa Baghel or online session with Mr Sunil Sheron. The external reputation of students is anchored with the LinkedIn profile. CRP governers meet periodically to review the activities.

The CRP for SSU is governed by the program governance team comprising of the university Vice-chancellor; Dean FMS; Director – Operations; and is led by the CRP program director. The CRP coordinator (Dr. Richa Bhagel) serves as the primary point of contact for the day-to-day management of the program operations.

Reachout to the program coordinator for enrolment, or any other questions related to program at (

CRP Curriculum


Course Objective:

  • Enable new MBA students to take charge of career planning. To accomplish this objective, learners are equipped with tools & are provided with guidance to understand their current competencies and identify their current career choices.
  • Guidance is provided to best leverage the MBA curriculum, to help create a personalized learning plan.

Learning Outcomes:

After the learning experience of this course, a student should be able to:

  • Create their career paths based on awareness of personal preferences, strengths, and limitations.
  • Evaluate the company’s positioning in the industry value chain.
  • Start utilizing some “logical reasoning” tools to address selected business problems.
  • Create a personal learning plan to best leverage the SSU MBA curriculum.

Unit I: Games of Business

Business fundamentals: How a company makes money? Where you fit in the company? Where the company fits in the industry value chain?

Unit II: Career Paths

Self-awareness anchored career mapping; Collection of student’s career objectives data, mapping their respective Career Path.

Unit III: Effective Professional: Mindset and Skillset

Self-assessment against a framework of mindset and skillset; Introduction to building the house of competence; methods of learning.

Unit IV: Getting Best out of Your MBA

Based on the assessment of the personal context and initial viewpoint on career; Guidance on how to best leverage the MBA investment at SSU


Course Objective:

  • Introduce the tools and thinking processes to enable learners to take charge of their professional development. Provide guidance on delivering the work by applying logical thinking.

Learning Outcomes:

After the learning experience of this course, a student should be able to:

  • Develop a professional development plan.
  • Develop hypotheses; conduct analyses and build storyboards to make recommendations.
  • Develop the work plan for a project and create deliverables to report project progress.
  • Design a productivity system for self-use.

Unit I: Discipline Your Professional Development

Build a personalized house of competence/ skillset and self-assessment for skills and mindset. Learn a structured approach to problem-solving.

Unit II: Structured Thinking for Delivering Work

Guidance on applying logical thinking to solve business problems and communicate solutions; Building solution hypotheses, conducting analyses and building presentation documents.

Unit III: Project Management Essentials

Practices for effectively estimating effort, right starting, managing and closing out a project.

Unit IV: Personal Productivity System

Guidance to identify requirements for the learner’s productivity system; Provide a framework to design a system; Leading practices on personal effectiveness in a variety of roles.


Course Objective:

  • Provide learners with perspectives and thinking processes on a variety of professional behavior topics to better equip them to get hired and continue their professional growth journey.

Learning Outcomes:

After the learning experience of this course, a student should be able to:

  • Self-evaluate their behavioral effectiveness in professional situations.
  • Design a system to manage their professional relationships.
  • Define their professional identity and a plan to manage it online.
  • Build a plan to proactively manage their job search and getting hired activities.

Unit I: Professional Behavior and Team Interactions

Essentials of professional behavior; Effectiveness in a team environment; the EQ game; Practicing presence.

Unit II: Managing Professional Relationships

Mindset and self-assessment to manage professional relationships; A system to discipline relationships management; Conflict management.

Unit III: Managing Personal Brand

Defining your professional identity; Continual refinement in the personal brand; Managing online presence effectively.

Unit IV: Getting Hired

Guidance to research & evaluate the marketplace to find jobs of interest, and guidance to be effective in the hiring process.


Course Objective:

  • Enable learners to connect dots across the CRP units to “make knowledge their own.”
  • The learning loop of CRP gets closed with participants building a “perspective” and/or “set of tools” to manage yourself and to work with others. Guidance to right start their first job after SSU MBA and managing work-life balance.

Learning Outcomes:

After the learning experience of this course, a student should be able to:

  • Develop a toolkit for personal productivity.
  • Develop a toolkit for effectiveness in working with others.
  • Create a plan of work to be impactful during the initial weeks in a new job.
  • Anticipate the challenges of work-life balance to address them proactively.

Unit I: Learning Integration – Managing Yourself

Learners build an integrated perspective on “Managing Yourself” by connecting specific elements from relevant units in prior Semester I, II, III: Career Paths, Effective professional: Mindset & skillset; Discipline your professional development; Structured thinking for Delivering Work; Managing Personal Brand; Personal productivity system.

Unit II: Learning Integration – Working with Others

Learners build an integrated perspective on “Working with Others” by connecting specific elements from relevant units in prior Semester I, II, III: Project Management; Professional behavior and team interactions; Managing professional relationships.

Unit III: Getting organized for first 100 days

Guidance to prepare a personalized plan to right-start your first job after SSU MBA

Unit IV: Career Growth & Work-Life balance

Guidance on balancing priorities outside work in a high-pressure work environment. Guidance on representing SSU and leveraging MBA experience at SSU

Program Director and Instructor

Mr. Sunil Sheoran

Sunil Sheoran is an entrepreneur and a management consultant helping executives solve critical pain points and build capabilities to enable growth. He’s currently the president of Clariem Inc., a management consulting company based out of NJ, USA.
Mr. Sheoran is a former Accenture and BearingPoint professional with 20+ years of strategy consulting experience. He’s delivered multiple business transformation programs to fortune 1000 companies and has been a trusted advisor to owners and executives of SMBs. With his career anchored in business transformations, Mr. Sheoran specializes in the development & execution of supply chain strategy, innovation scale-up, and management of product lifecycles.
His example clients include: Estee Lauder, Amgen, Pfizer, Becton Dickinson, Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, Abbott Nutrition, Tetley/ Tata Global Beverages, Eaton Cooper Lighting, Ricoh, Ciena, Dow Chemical, Celanese, Symantec, GE Global Exchange Services, Pacific Gas & Electric, Honeywell Aerospace, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Additional details at LinkedIn:

As the adjunct faculty at Sri Sri University; he serves as the program director of Career Readiness Program (CRP) – a certificate program for the MBA students.
You can reach Mr. Sheoran at