Encouraging polyglotism

Sri Sri University offers an array of international languages, vital to the linguistic and cultural proficiency required in an increasingly globalized society. Students can choose from languages such as, French, German, Spanish, etc.

We provide basic certification course in Sanskrit, Russian and French. (subject to change)

3-Months Certificate course in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the most ancient and scientific language of the world. A 3-month certificate course in Sanskrit is offered in order to let the students connect to the roots of our culture. Encouraging students to explore and connect to our culture is the ultimate goal of Sri Sri University.


Time Duration – 3 months (6 hours per week)
Approximate no. of classes – (6X12) 72 classes.
Mantra/Shloka Chanting will be a compulsory part of all classes (10-15 minutes in beginning of class).

6- Months Foundation course in English

The intensive programme of the English language (foundation course) provides preparation ground for academic study in any further chosen programme at Sri Sri University or any other institution, as well as provides a new perspective to the world which is beyond one’s native language.

A blend of expert English language teaching and introduction to subject lessons, sports activities and cultural excursions creates a rewarding English learning experience.

This course focuses on developing communicative ability in English, including core listening, speaking, reading and writing with integrated grammar and vocabulary. In the advanced stage, the foundation course provides broader knowledge, skills and experience by offering some subjects like English and Indian literature, Indian culture, Fundamentals of Indian philosophies in English medium.

Apart from this, the University also offers 3 months course in foreign languages i.e. German, Spanish and Russian depending on the requirement.