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International Conference on
Holistic Approach towards Performance and Safety in Sports
(ICHAPSS 2023)

(Dec 21-23 , 2023)

Organised by: Faculty of Health and Wellness, Sri Sri University in association with

Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) & International Association of Physical Education and Sports Inc. (IAPES)

Faculty of Health and Wellness, Sri Sri University going to organise “An international conference on holistic approach towards performance and safety in sports” on 20-23 December 2023 with the aim to provide a platform to the scientists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, athletes and students to assimilate the knowledge and get the opportunity to discuss, share insights through deep-dive research findings on the recent advancement and developments in the field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.


Envisioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Sri Sri University was established in 2009 as a centre for world-class education in India. The university off¬ers a range of pivotal, unique and cutting edge undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programmes, short-term, diploma and certificate courses, and Doctoral studies (Ph.D.), that seeks to preserve the ancient wisdom of the East and offer the best of Western innovation.

Vision To impart holistic and value-integrated education in order to develop visionary thinkers with social consciousness to lead and precipitate inevitable changes, with a summative call for Learn – Learn–Serve.

Mission To create centers of excellence in knowledge and research across the fields of study in order to equip students to achieve the highest levels of professional ability in a learning atmosphere that fosters human values to serve the needs of local, national, and global economies.


The Faculty of Health and Wellness at Sri Sri University was established in 2012 with a vision for a future in which holistic health and wellness become widely accessible to society. Our fundamental mission is to advance comprehensive health and well-being through education and cutting-edge research. Our educational approach blends academic rigor with experiential learning deeply rooted in the ancient principles of Yoga. This distinctive fusion not only imparts domain knowledge but also cultivates essential soft skills and life skills within our students. Our aim is to equip them as lifelong learners, capable leaders, and devoted contributors to their communities.

One hallmark of our faculty is our unwavering commitment to a holistic approach to healthcare. We embrace the advancements of modern medical technologies while concurrently advocating for elective alternatives like Osteopathy, Nursing, and Sports Science. These holistic modalities promote the activation of individuals, inherent self-healing mechanisms, nurturing a state of enduring health and well-being. Notably, our faculty is a pioneering institution in Asia, introducing structured graduate courses in osteopathy.

In summary, our vision is to shape a world in which holistic health is not an exception but the prevailing norm. Through the conduit of education and groundbreaking research, we seek to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthier, more enriching lives.

By bridging the chasm between ancient wisdom and contemporary medicine, we champion a culture of well-being that transcends our campus, radiating positive effects throughout society.


Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI), one of the apex organizations working for development and awareness of physical education & sports in India formed by the country’s top sports professionals & physical education teachers. The organization has been constantly working towards upliftment of physical education and has been spreading awareness amongst policymakers, decision makers, institutions, parents and students about the importance of physical education and sports and its significance in building a better future for our youth. PEFI has proved to be a pioneer organization in this regard and has been able to form itself into a credible and highly committed National body of experts. The organization has done some instrumental work in developing and creating world class sports facilities pan India for institutes, academies, municipalities, blocks, villages etc., which in turn has presented an opportunity for the country’s youth to choose sports as a profession without being worried about finding suitable facilities and has also provided playing areas to kids who didn’t have access to sports facilities earlier due to financial or other reasons.


International Association of Physical education and Sports Inc. (IAPES), one of the grandeur agencies of choice for people and organizations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education, sport, and physical activity in educational contexts and in the wider community. The purpose of IAPES lies in promoting and maintaining high standards and safe practice in physical education and sports.


A comprehensive approach towards enhancing human performance, individuality, and safety in sports.

Objective of the conference:

1. To provide a platform to facilitate the scientists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, and students to exchange their knowledge, ideas and innovations.

2. To highlight recent advancements and challenges in the Physical Education and Sports Sciences approaches leading to uplift performance and safety in sports.

3. To enable the delegates to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations.


The prime goal of this international conference is to provide a common platform for students, research scholars, academicians, athletes and industry professionals to share and discuss the recent advances in the field of sports and health science. This conference will be a road map to initiate partnerships across different disciplines, institutions and countries in order to spearhead cutting edge research in sports sciences aimed at significant breakthroughs in the field of sports. The conference will provide ample opportunities for the young researchers to share their experiences as well as knowledge not only with their fellow researchers but also with renowned sports scientists. By having interactions, as well as sharing the research work carried out in these areas, the new proposals can be designed with focused themes which shall lead to further development in the sports field and thereby improve the existing knowledge. The highlights of the conference would be the plenary lectures by the experts, oral presentations by seasoned scientists, oral presentations by budding scientists, poster sessions, and award sessions.


ICHAPSS 2023 - Major Themes


ICHAPSS _ partners


ICHAPSS has instituted various awards under different categories. Those who are like to apply for the jury awards should send their papers in Microsoft format (Times new roman, font size 12) and must be accompanied by a duly filled in declaration form (Format is available at  The soft copies of the manuscripts for the jury award should be mailed at latest by 30th November 2023.Registration is mandatory to be eligible for the awards enlisted below.


The contents of abstract should include background, objectives, methods, results and conclusions under these headlines. The title should be in capital and in bold followed by name of authors (with first name first, then middle name followed by family name) and their institutional address along with the email address of the corresponding author. Do not append degrees, professional designations, etc to names. The name of presenting author should be underlined. The abstract should be typed using Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, font size 12 and 1.5 point spacing between lines, limit 300 words). Abbreviations used in the body of an abstract should be defined at their first mention in the text. Abstract should be submitted mailed at Abstract will be considered for the publication only if the presenting author has registered for the conference. Normally only one paper is allowed per author, unless prior permission of organizers is taken. If an abstract is accepted and Presenter does not register, the abstract will be withdrawn. The last date for submission of abstract is the 30th November 2023. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Scopus index/ peer review journal as a part of special issues.


 A pre-conference workshop will be held on the 20th December 2023 on basic and advanced techniques in Physical Education and Sports Science research.

Workshop Topics Registration fees (INR)
Sports Physiology 500
Sports Osteopathy 500
Sports Biomechanics 500




VO₂ Max
Hands-on practice (Read More)

Sports - Osteopathy


Relevance of functional
asymmetries in Athletes (Read More)

Sports - Biomechanics


Ergonomics of sports footwear
in analysis of running biomechanics


The last date for Abstract submission/Registration is 30th November 2023. You can only register online at the conference webpage by paying the registration fee through the payment gateway. The registered delegates would be entitled to the opening session, entrance to all scientific sessions, and conference materials, morning and afternoon refreshments, and lunch (for in-person delegates). More details are available from


ICHAPSS 2023 - Fees
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