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Important Document Downloads

Instructions for documents

Instructions to prepare documents for admission which will be required upon reporting in the campus

1. All documents listed in the attached document will be required with no exception.
2. All documents except affidavits will be verified with original copy.
3. No originals except affidavits, migration/transfer/character certificate will be retained by the university only self-attested photocopies will be kept so please bring a set of self-attested photocopy to be submitted.
4. Undertakings to be submitted only on Rs. 10/- stamp paper and duly notarized.
5. All documents listed are mandatory except listed in “Affidavit if applicable” section.
6. Following instructions must be followed for “Affidavits if Applicable”
– Study Break Affidavit should be submitted only when there is a break in continuity in education for more than six months.
– If your migration certificate is not yet issued submit the Migration certificate deficiency Affidavit.

Kindly download the applicable draft and do the needful.