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5 Career Prospects in Media in the Digital Age

Jan 09, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Have you realised the morning chai with a newspaper in hand has become a thing of the past? How long has it been since you fought with your sibling for the remote control because you wanted to watch a show on television? With a rise in the digital medium, most people consume content online, may it be in their smartphones or laptops. A social media influencer or a brand marketing expert is the new designations media enthusiasts are looking for against that of a reporter or an editor.

The digital space is providing opportunities to millennia’s to build a career by selling their content. The entire space of advertising, branding has shifted base from traditional media to the digital space. As a result, career prospects has increased multi-fold. Here we will list several career prospects that you can look out for in the digital age:

  1. Social Media/ Brand Marketing Expert :
    The social media platform that was restricted to Facebook only a few years ago today has an influx of applications from WhatsApp to Twitter to Instagram. Brands are striving hard to enhance their social media presence. A social media/ brand marketing expert is responsible for not only handling the social media pages, but also working towards generating enough traffic to their websites. Today, making a presence online and the demand for social media experts are growing by the day.

  2. Digital Marketing Copy Writer :
    This is the most flourishing career prospect that most people are opting for. With every organisation trying to make its presence felt in the digital space, maximum attention is being put on content. The overall branding of the company depends on how effectively an organisation is able to convey and engage its audience. Thus the role of the written words is the key. A copywriter is one who does not merely have a flair for writing, he is also well versed in ways to engage an online audience.

  3. Social Media Influencer :
    The social media influencers have become the go-to people when it comes to marketing and branding. When brands reach out to them, they are required to spread viral conversations about their products online. A social media influencer is basically one who endorses opinions about products. Since he has a significant number of followers, he becomes the face for indirect promotions.
  1. Content/ Digital Marketing Manager :
    A website is the first step in the marketing space. From creating SEO content to generating traffic, a content marketing manager looks into all these aspects.  Blogs, marketing campaigns, e-book publications, guest blogging, email, social media, and mobile apps are some among the many responsibilities that a content manager is required to handle.
  1. Marketing/Advertising Graphic designers :
    The audience in the digital space is more interested in the visual content. Thus, the demand for marketing/advertising designers is on a rise. The functioning of a traditional ad agency is witnessing a tremendous shift. It is imbibing newer tools and experts who are in tune and are trained in the designing aspect that particularly focuses on the digital space.

The new digital age has completely reformed the kind of content that is being consumed, thus the overall shift in the career prospects. In fact, more and more MBA (Marketing) students are shifting gear to the digital space as opportunities are aplenty.

Although the digital space is the thing today, the nuances of the craft, may it be writing, editing, communication or advertising can best be learned if you opt for full-time mass communication courses. Students are exposed to every aspect of the media space, thus when the foundation is strong may it be the traditional media or the digital space, you will shine! 

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