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Abhishek Jagini, GGPP alumni shares his accomplishments

Apr 06, 2018

By : Abhishek Jagini – SSU Alumni, Dept. of GGPP 

Mr. Abhishek Jagini, an accomplished Good Governance and Public Policy alumni is living the lessons taught in Good Governance. We are glad to share his opinion and experience in this field. He is the founder of ‘Utthista Bharatha’, an organization that strives to promote the idea of Bharatha, and a spokesperson of BJP and Telangana State Council member (YLTP- Art Of Living).

We are tremendously honoured to articulate some of his accomplishments. He has represented India at SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), Youth Leadership Forum at Russia and authored the first ISBN English book on Telangana history called ‘The Saga of Telangana’. He also finds interest in giving recommendations to government on conflict resolution as part of responsive government and as a part of participatory governance. He sends suggestions and memorandums to governments across India.

Abhishek expresses, “Sri Sri University being the pioneer institution of Good Governance in our country, has been best at providing a platform to pursue education in the government sector. Inspiration from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, insightful teaching and hand holding given by the faculty led me to grow beyond my expectations. The holistic syllabus and campus atmosphere has added great value to my growth. The unique aspect of SSU is that, it is a pre-eminent mix of knowledge from both East and West. Studying Good Governance and Public Policy at SSU gives an opening to the field of CSR, Governance profession and Public Policy. ”

He furthermore asserts that it is only through Shasan (governance) and Anushasan (self-discipline) the world can be made a better place. An Individual in a governing position holds a great responsibility and makes an impact on the lives of many. Every decision needs to be taken with awareness and understanding. And SSU is the finest place to gain both knowledge (curriculum) and awareness (through AOL practices). The world needs and belongs to the leaders deep rooted in spiritual and human values.

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