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Digital Marketing

Enhancing In-store Customer Experience. An Emerging Trend in Digital Marketing

Nov 20, 2017

By :  Dr Pushpendra Khandelwal  – B.Sc., MBA, PGDMSM, PGDIRPM, PGDCA EEP-Digital Marketing (IIM-B), Ph.D. (Marketing), Associate Professor (Marketing, Sales, and Digital Marketing), Sri Sri University, Faculty of Management Studies

In-Store Customer Experience is a term widely used to define the complete experience while purchasing a product/availing a service which involves appearance of the store, queue-length, availability, ease of finding products, and overall quality.

At a glance, In-store Marketing may not sound like a division of Digital Marketing but recent few years have witnessed narrowing the gap between physical and online sales practices, which is expected to get thinner further.

A huge penetration of smartphones has changed the entire landscape of Digital Marketing. 80% of the young population use their smartphones inside the store and receive location-based mobile alerts. Organizations are focusing and paying attention to this technology-driven in-store consumer behavior, which could help business to optimize their conversion.

Retailers are facing tough competition from Amazon, with its distinctive in-store experience, which can be beaten to some extent by having retailer’s own customized mobile apps that will disseminate relevant information and sensitize them through contextual mobile marketing promotion.

Some of the American Supermarkets set an example to this by, launching location-based mobile applications to connect and update their customers about special offers when they visit any specific section of their store.

Mobile technology has opened numerous portals for marketers to introduce various sales offers to their customers at a very precise time when the customer is more likely to buy the product and this trend would grow with a rapid pace and will create unlimited possibilities.

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