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Feel Like Owning a Car? Go-Self

Feb 11, 2018

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Situated in the serene environment of Odisha, away from the hustle bustle of the city, Sri Sri University is a heaven for nature lovers. While some may not feel the need for anything more, this unique location of the University has given plenty business ideas for the budding entrepreneurs of our campus. Turning every situation into an opportunity, our students have found a way to bring the city to the doorstep of SSU.

Addressing the need for cab services for the residents and their love for adventure, The Rishabh Brothers of Bachelors of Business Administration, on 17th November 2017 started their company called ‘Go Self’.It’s an ‘IN campus cab service’ with an option of ‘Self-Drive’. The budding entrepreneurs made an attempt to equip the campus residents with anytime cab facility at convenient rates. Unlike the other cab companies wherein the customers are provided with the drivers, here the customers are given the chance to enjoy rides through self-drive. With just a token amount as deposit, the customers can happily avail the services of the company. To encourage more participation from the customers they are provided considerable discounts. The founders of the company have the vision to expand their services. They aspire to provide their prospective customers with bike rental services soon.














The Srinovation club of the university encouraged the entrepreneurs to work on their dream. The supporting staff and the faculties from all the departments stood as pillars. The university frequently holds events; wherein established entrepreneurs are invited. This gave them the best opportunity to build up their knowledge which helped them to develop a strong base for their startup.

The founders of the company are working with the aim to increase their financial capacity so that by the end of this year they can purchase their own car. 

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