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Important Traits of a Yoga Teacher

Jun 21, 2020

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

The most important ability that a yoga teacher should possess is to develop a relationship with their students. This facilitates a strong sense of connectedness. Here are penned down the most important characteristics or traits that the pupils would like to see in the teacher.

Firstly, Energy and Personality plays a vital role. They can vary greatly amongst yoga teachers. Some warm your heart the way they teach, while others bring along a sense of lightheartedness or humour in their style of teaching. Ideally, the goal is to keep the energy to be focused, calm, centred and enthusiastic.

Secondly, since ’Yoga’ is the equilibrium between the mind, body & soul it is of utmost importance to build trusting relationships with pupils to create a safe, positive & productive learning environment along with a patient, caring and kind personality.

Thirdly, for a Yoga instructor, a strong disposition is strongly related to the student’s learning and development.

The teacher must possess compassion and show sensitivity to student difference, particularly with learners.

Overall this is a broad category that incorporates knowledge of the cognitive, social, and emotional development of learners. It includes a thorough understanding of how pupils learn at a given developmental level besides focusing on the fact that the instruction should be tailored to meet each learner’s needs.

Since yoga is a kind of art form that needs the power to harness the calmness of the mind and the ability to master the postures along with the breathing technique with much precision.

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