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Love and Cinema

Feb 14, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Love has been defined, redefined, undefined and yet it remains a concept that continues to intrigue and initiate conversations and discussions. Most of our concepts with regard to love are formed by the way it is projected in movies. The celluloid has explored the concept of love and has given us some incredible stories that are not restricted to Romantic-love only.

Let us explore the various forms of love that have been depicted on the big screen over the years:

  1. Love for Country : Patriotic movies, that are most often not jingoistic has always touched the right chord with the audience. May it be Hollywood movies likeThe Patriot which delves into the American Revolution era with a common man taking center stage to Braveheart where William Wallace (effectively portrayed by Mel Gibson) becomes the symbol for a free Scotland taking on the English, movies like these portray love in a different light. There is an umpteen number of Bollywood dramas that have used the patriotic theme to weave a tale of struggle, sacrifice and love for one’s country. Only recently, Uri-The Surgical Strike, based on the strike conducted by the Indian military against the suspected militants in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) has become a rage at the box-office. The indomitable spirit of a Kashmiri girl who turns spy has also won hearts in Raazi.
  1. Love for Friends : Friendship has varied shades and filmmakers have explored every possibility on celluloid. Stand By Me (1986) is about four friends in a journey to discover their true self in the midst of a tragedy. Bridesmaids, a rom-com leaves you in splits, at the same time it is endearingly real. The focus is on women’s relationship with each other. Bollywood too has an impressive list where love defines friendships. May it be the classic Sholay, the new-age friendship goals in Dil Chahta Hai or the poignant tale of a terminally-ill patient teaching his doctor-friend the lessons of life in Anand, the undertone of love in all these films hit the right tone.
  1. Love for dance & music : For years, the silver screen has celebrated stories of music and dance. Dirty Dancing, an American Romantic drama is ’80s most memorable dance film and continues to be one of the most-watched movies of all times. The Step-up Series is more than just cinema, it is an emotion for dance enthusiasts. Inside Llewyn Davis about the Greenwhich-village folk music scene tells the story of one whose talent sees little stardom. It is not love for music alone but the relationships that make movies such as A star is born much appreciable.
  1. Love for sports : The list of sports-movies is endless, however, there are very few that have been able to achieve the cinematic brilliance that it aims for.Chariots of Fire, a 1981 historical drama tells the fact-based story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics. A biopic on the celebrated golf champion Francis Quimet, The Greatest Game Ever Played is worth a watch. Bhaag Milkha BhaagPaan Singh Tomar narrated tales of incredible men with a passion. 
  2. Parental love : Did you not have a lump in your throat when the adorable Auro (played excellently by Amitabh Bacchan) with a rare medical condition, Progeria looks at his mother with hope in his death bed in Paa, films like these define parental love. In Secret Superstar when the teenager girl takes stand for her mother who has been a victim of domestic abuse, you must have wanted to give her a pat on the back. Plots on parental love continue to hit the emotional chord.

Love as an emotion is universal and cinema too has meticulously used it to script tales that connect at all levels and is relevant at all times. 

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