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Sri Sri University

Much Beyond Academics

Oct 28, 2017

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

“Education is not just information, education is where a child grows up in value of non-violence, multiculturalism and having a sense of belongingness. A holistic education is one which brings people of different cultures into one family” – Sri Sri

With over 20 festivals celebrated, 8 sports played and frequent social initiatives being undertaken all-round the year, this campus is a hub of diversity and celebration. On one hand we have events like World Congress Conference and mock UN and on the other hand our University actively participates in the National sports and cultural competitions.

Sports – We Play a Lot!

Sports is a way of life at SSU. Sports has been made a major part of the curriculum for the students since day one. The university has an active sports wing in cricket, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis on one hand and Indian sports such as the kabaddi etc. on the other.

There is a structured programme for sports-activities and the university has signed a memorandum with the Centre of Sports & Management Studies (CS & MS)-a Kolkata-based academy. Under this platform, students are encouraged to participate and are provided with proper coaches for each sport. The university is focusing on building a national level team and a state-of-the art playground.

Collympics is an intra-university, week-long annual sports fest of the university conducted by students under the mentorship of their faculty members. This event both invites enthusiasms as well as witnesses a huge participation of the students, staff and faculty.

Community service

Students initiate and participate in all kinds of Social activities supporting causes of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Green India and Women empowerment. The University believes in “Giving back to society is a major teaching at our University”. Students visit nearby villages to motivate.

Yoga and Meditation!

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of the university and is followed by the entire teaching and non-teaching staff, students and workers. Daily Sadhana (practices) includes asanas (yogic postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), Sudarshan Kriya and meditation through common morning sessions.













Additionally, regular sessions on knowledge and spiritual counselling are also facilitated through out the year in the campus, benefiting students across every dimension of their personality.

Clubs – The Student Activity Center

Student-led activities define the energy of this campus. There are a total of 13 clubs- 6 academic and 7 non-academic. Academic clubs are ‘Marketing’, ‘HR’, ‘Finance’, ‘Operations and IT’, ‘Sri-innovation’ and ‘Agribusiness’. Non-academics clubs are: ‘Sports’, ‘Cultural’ (includes- dance, music, theatre), ‘PR’ and ‘Photography’, ‘Events’, ‘Fine Arts’, ‘National Integration’ and a ‘Disco Club’ for Yoga and meditation. Every club has a convener and co-convener under the mentorship of faculty members.

ORION – Pursuit for Brilliance

ORION is the inter-college annual fest and portrays the exuberant culture of Sri Sri University. ORION defines unity in diversity. ORION is the joy of celebration. With a line of more than 20+ events each year, ORION witnesses a footfall of 4000 students from across the state. ORION has been one of the finest, vibrant and the most opportunistic cultural and business fests for students from all over the country to showcase their talent. ORION includes in it a smart, wise and brilliant combination of scholastic and adventure sports.

Spiritual Induction

Spread over a span of three days, the Art of Living’s Happiness Program intends to draw forth clarity in observation, perception and expression. The programme has a world record in increasing the ‘Happiness Quotient’ irrespective of any caste, creed or religion. The Sudarshan Kriya®, a powerful, rhythmic breathing technique taught in the Happiness Program aids in mental clarity, eases the build-up of emotions and uplifts one spiritually. Every new entrant to the university undergoes through the Happiness Program as an integral part of the curriculum. After completing this programme, students are encouraged as well as provided with opportunities to take to higher level of spiritually oriented workshops such as the Advance Meditation Programs etc. This gives them the profound understanding of their own-selves as well as tools to handle their minds and emotions most constructively.

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