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Sri Sri University wins ‘Best Boot Camp Startup’ Award

Apr 15, 2018

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

These visionary start-up ideas affirm the values of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Sri Sri University

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs.
Just six years after its inception, our University strikes a monumental moment that will not only shape the future of the students but the Nation as well. On 13th April, Sri Sri University got awarded with ‘Best Boot Camp Startup Award’ by the CM of Odisha, Sri Naveen Patnaik as a part of Start-up India Yatra, Odisha chapter. This moment was further glorified by the achievements of our students who pitched their ideas in the Boot Camp. Seven brilliant start-up ideas by the students of our University make it to the list of top 75 start-ups of Odisha! This makes our University leading contributor to the top 75 list in the entire state. These startups will be provided support by the Government of Odisha for funding and fellowship and stand a chance to present their ideas in one of PM Narendra Modi’s dream project – ‘Startup India, Standup India’. ‘StartUp Odisha Boot Camp’- the biggest event on SSU campus, has been instrumental in channelizing the entrepreneurial zeal at the campus.

Sri Sri University along with Startup Odisha conducted a weeklong campaign- ‘Start-up Week’, from 15th-22nd Feb under which budding entrepreneurs were provided an opportunity to pitch their ideas to industry experts and learn about pertinent topics relevant to entrepreneurship. ‘The Start-up India- Odisha Yatra’ at the premises of the University was conducted under the Odisha Startup Yatra, Invest India and Department of MSME, Government of Odisha. In this two days Boot camp, students presented their ideas in the extensive ideation workshop which was mentored by faculty and industry experts. More than 400 ideas were pitched by the aspiring students from which the foremost ideas were selected for an extreme acceleration programme.

Ideas ranging from Agribusiness sector to Health and Wellness sector were pitched in the camp. The seven start-ups which have made to the top 75 have a streak of innovation with a social benefit offering. Here is a look at the seven path-breaking entrepreneurial ideas.

1. KrushaCo

The start-up which has been selected as one of the top 30 start-ups, invented by MBA Agribusiness students aims at helping the farmers of the country. It provides one to one mentoring to farmers by connecting them to government portals and knowledge pool of scientists. It also creates a single window platform for farmers by providing all kinds of agricultural inputs and market linkage by re-intermediating the middlemen. This ambitious business model was difficult to execute but it is up and running successfully in two villages currently. It has already won many awards and recognition so far.

2. Building Experiment Station (Working Models and Virtual Lab)

Another start-up which made it to the top 30 works on virtual lab building. The vision of the Startup is to use working models as a teaching tool for effective learning of Architectural concepts.

3. Essence of Heaven

This start-up by a Yoga and a B.Com student, is a service for corporate people who are victims of stress, aggression which leads to a negative environment in the workplace. They aim to create happiness at workplace by making people aware of the magical way in which our mind works and combat stress. They are currently working with Decathlon, Bhubaneswar.

4. Vindara

The favorite hangout spot of our students, ‘Vindara’ is a start-up café by MBA students. It has created a buzz in just 6 months of its establishment. Currently, popular for its dosas and coffee, their idea is to amalgamate the modern machinery and ancient recipes of various Indian cuisines, further create a brand value for it and enter into the global food market.

5. Yogic India

A startup establishing centers to offer yoga, food and music(bhakti) all under one roof. Today, atleast one person in almost every family suffers from psychosomatic disorders such as anxiety, depression and heart diseases etc. Our ancient scriptures and current scientific research proves usefulness of yoga in managing such disorders. The Start-up aims to create a yogic Revolution and give people an alternative treatment method which is fun and refreshing.

6. Miraculous Biocleaner

This startup by another MBA student is an organic waste management (food) company. The product is prepared from food waste generated in our kitchen which can be used for preparing bio-cleaner and agrizyme which has multipurpose usage. It can be used in natural agriculture farming and can also be used as household cleaners which can replace chemical cleaning agents. The process is simple, adaptable and effective at all places.

7. Procusa

This start-up by MBA students is redefining the way job portals work. Their business model removes the orthodox process of uploading C.V. and replaces it with video resumes of the applicants showcasing their achievements and domain skills. This video is processed by their software into personality traits and then they are connected to the relevant companies.

This achievement has been made possible with the mentorship and guidance provided by the MBA faculty of our University. In the last 4 years, MBA- Entrepreneurship course at Sri Sri University has produced many such successful entrepreneurs. ‘Srinovation’ is a student led club which encourages start-up initiatives and activities in the University. So far, 18 start-ups have been developed by the students with the support of this cell. Supportive Management, right exposure and creative environment provides fodder for development of entrepreneurial minds at this campus.

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