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‘Tejaswini – The Light Witihin’ – An Interactive Session with Bhanu Maa

Dec 24, 2018

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

A leader is not one who leads from the front, but one who backs his team to move forward and work to the best of their abilities ~these words by Ms. Bhanu Narasimhan, fondly called Bhanu didi set the tone for an insightful interactive session ‘Tejaswini-The Light Within’ organized by Charchika-the Women’s Leadership Forum of Sri Sri University. Bhanu didi, is a renowned Meditation Teacher, Humanitarian, and Director of the Art of Living free schools.

Having lead several projects, schools over the years, Bhanu didi is known to be a powerhouse of strength, motivation and brilliance, her take on leadership was what our President Ms. Rajita Kulkarni began the session with.

“There is a need for leaders to be the guiding force to the rest who have the ability to bring in transformation. He must be an inspirational leader who is open to feedback. In other words, he should be a good listener. Spirituality alone can help build the connection with the self and help one get over the insecurities with regard to his power and position,” Bhanu didi beautifully explained.

On the struggles of women leaders to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, she said, “Meditation is the key”. The more relaxed the mind is, one will be able to function better. Art and music can also help deal with responsibilities more effectively and lead. “Women should not be empowered only financially, but also emotionally,” she added.

On social media and the growing fad around it, Bhanu didi insisted technology and the medium should be used to educate and not instigate people. Connect to the real world, to Nature against the virtual world will help reduce anxiety and stress.

Women, she said, have the ability to unite people. Women need to take responsibility and protect their culture and tradition, imbibe values to the younger generation. There is a need to share knowledge and skills. “Deepen your roots and broaden your vision.”

The session concluded with our beloved Bhanu didi singing her favourite bhajan ‘Shivoham’. 

“You are the Renaissance woman of the 21st century,” said Ms. Rajita Kulkarni about Bhanu didi at the beginning of the interactive session and as the event concluded we exactly knew she was not exaggerating!

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