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The Three Megatrends for Startups

Feb 20, 2018

By : Rajita Kulkarni –  President,  Sri Sri University

Today, India is one of the top three Startup Capitals of the world. 12 million job creation will be through startups in the coming days. Here are the three megatrends which will affect start-ups in India:

1) Global Shift Eastwards

In developed economies, populations are aging and investment surpluses are stagnant. While in India the young skilled workforce, the committed young entrepreneurs and disrupters and massively expanding surplus will lead to India being the startup capital of the world which provides Idea Capital Disruptive technology and managerial skill set of the entrepreneur who will create, organize & transform/disrupt.

2) Shared Economy business model

New business models will sub-plant existing business models like the aggregation economy. Uber, Ola, Airbnb follow such business model. In sharing economy asset ownership is not the barrier but intellectual capital is the value addition.

3) Robotics / Artificial Intelligence/ Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

This will create change and provide opportunities for startups at a pace never seen before. This is equivalent to the invention of fire by our ancestors in the forest, to the industrial revolution, invention of electricity and internet. 900000 jobs in the developed market will be under threat. Repetitive, predictable and derivative of data analytics like medical diagnostics etc. will slowly disappear but that will create huge opportunities in Data analytics, machine learning, Internet of Things and the entire AI ecosystem.In SSU in the last 3 years, 18 startups have got incubated. We are proud of this trend and committed to encourage it in every way. From agriculture to hi-tech. The key to innovation is the seed of inspiration that comes from a meditative calm mind. That is the foundation of our academic approach in Sri Sri University.

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