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Central Dining & Cafeteria's

Dining & Cafe @ SSU

Dining & Cafe at Sri Sri University aims to provide everyone on campus with healthy, hygienic and exceptional food which is not only a pleasure to the palate but is also nourishing for the body. 

With a range of cafeterias and central dining facilities, the students, faculty and staff can choose to indulge in a range of food options based on their personal preferences.

Central Dining Hall ~ Kaivalya

‘Kaivalya’ is the central dining space of the Sri Sri University campus. It provides three meals in a day from breakfast, lunch to dinner.

Everyone on campus is eligible for a Dining Swipe Card, which provides them easy access to the central dining space. 

Campus Cafeteria’s

The University is in a true sense a picturesque blend of ‘Unity in diversity’, and to feed this unique diversity the campus has three different cafeterias.

If you are in a mood for fun and frolic, you can check-in at any one of our campus cafeterias.

Eating Well @ SSU

We believe in eating well and also in eating healthy.

We are big on nutrition.

Our University grows organic fruits and vegetables using permaculture which is used to prepare food in our kitchen, ‘Kaivalya’. 

Along with that we have an in-house Gaushala (Cowshed), where Desi (Indigenous) cows are bred. Fresh milk and curd from these cows is available for everyone at the central dining hall, Kaivalya’.