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Online Travel Portals~ Industry to Explore

May 19, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

When was the last time you sat down to create a travel itinerary with your family over a cup of chai and a notebook, taking suggestions from a family friend or a relative on the stays and sightseeing options? Does it not seem an activity of the past? Probably so, with the advent of the online travel portals, you just require to reach one of the many travel portals online, browse through their offers, plans and seal the deal!

The travel and tourism industry saw a complete transformation in 1996 when a small division of Microsoft introduced Expedia- a travel portal that offered bookings for air, hotels and car rentals. Thereafter, travel online portals like Travelocity, Kayak became the go-to portals for travel bookings. The reach, however, remained restricted to the West.

Today, the reach has widened as the online travel marketplace is thriving with startups that are offering tempting discounts and great travel packages. In fact, people are planning trips abroad, are open to exploring tough terrains, unlikely destinations and also travel solo. The shift can also be attributed to trained professionals joining the industry.

As more and more people are taking professional courses in travel and tourism management, it is no longer a space for amateurs. It is an industry where the stakeholders are aware of the market, the growth prospects and risk management. Here we will list a few varied services that online travel portals offer:

  1. There are online travel portals that exclusively cater to your stay requirements. If you are traveling to a remote area, accommodation can be the greatest drawback. There is sometimes, just not enough option to choose from and at other times you are just not aware. In such situations, travel portals provide information on lodges, homestays, guesthouses (if you are not looking for options for hotels) and you can book your stay.

  2. Some online travel portals today, have become all-inclusive. Here, travelers from around the world share their travel experiences and those planning to explore the same areas can connect over ideas. They provide a platform for travelers to record their experience and motivate others visiting the website to explore more unique destinations.

  3. Traveling is a personal experience and you would want it to plan as per your preferences. Thus, there are online portals that give you the freedom to design your own personally tailored holiday packages.

The online travel industry is flourishing like no other. It is a market that is booming with fresh ideas and trained professionals with travel and tourism management background.

The University offers a four-year undergraduate program in Travel andTourism management.

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